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Real Name:

Ring Name:


322 lbs.

Home Town:
Steel City U.S.A.

Manager's Name:

Fighting Style:

Submission Finisher:
Steel Trap
(aKa Fujiwara Armbar)

Vice Grip
(aKa The Von Erich Claw)

Finishing Move:
Melting Pot
(aKa The Melt Down)

Favorite Quote:
"You will feel the appeal of Steel!"

Entrance Music:
"War Machine"

Top 5 Favorite Moves:
1 - The Chokeslam
2 - The Big Bear Hug
3 - Side Slam
4 - Big Foot to the Face
5 - Power Bomb

Brief Description:
Steel is tough as The Undertaker and Kane combined with the heart of Shawn Michaels...

Steel can take large amounts of punishment and keeps coming back for more...

Steel is a big... quick... agile... very intimidating wrestler...

Steel has the intensity of Goldberg... And the viciousness of Meng...

Steel wears all black with shiny metalic letters on his chest that read "STEEL"...

Steel also has a tatoo on his left arm...

Titles Held:

NAW North American Champion
(First Ever)
Won on: November 17, 2000
Defeated: Mark Mustang, Chris Jericho, Satan and Jabroni in a Mini-Battle Royal