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Scene opens at a local house show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA

"War Machine" blares through out the arena as Steel makes his way to the ring...

Steel climbs over the ring ropes and stands in the center of the ring, holding his newly won NAW North American Title high for all to see...

Steel looks around at the crowd, seeing the great reaction he is receiving from the loyal NAW fans here in the Bay Area...

Steel grabs the a mic, and begins to speak...

Steel: You see, I told you that I was going to walk out of Showdown as the first ever NAW North American Champion.

Steel: And, here is the belt to prove it!

Steel holds the belt up high...

Steel: It was one hell of a match last Saturday night.

Steel: I would like to thank my opponents, Satan, Chris Jericho, Jabroni, and Mark Mustang.

Steel: But, most importantly, I would like to thank you, the fans!

The crowd starts to applaude and cheer loudly...

Steel: Ok, now on to more important business here.

Steel: Mark Mustang, if you ever need someone to watch your back, then I'm here for you brother.

Steel: Now for you Jabroni, you claim that you fell out of the ring by accident.

Steel: Accident my ass, son!

Steel: You got scared, tucked your tail between your legs, and ran like a scared little puppy.

Steel: And, I have the video proof from Showdown, Mr. Producer in the truck, please roll the footage.

The crowd looks at the Videotron. They see Jabroni grabbing the rope, jumping out of the ring, over the top rope, and running away.

Steel: Mr. Producer, please rewind that part, just before Jabroni jumps out, then slow it down a tad.

We see the video rewinding, then play again in slow-mo...

Steel: Ok, see right there, you jumped out on your own accord, son.

Steel: You say you want a match with me for my title, boy?

Steel: Do you even deserve a shot at my belt, boy?

Steel: Ok, you got your match.

Steel: Just 1 stipulation though, if ANYONE, does not matter who, if ANYONE interferes in the match at all, then the title will no longer be on the line.

Steel: It will just become a regular match.

Steel: So, if your little group there, or anyone else, decides to get in my business, they will get a little surprize.

Steel: I do have backup, son.

Steel smirks...

Steel: This coming Saturday night, at Showdown, that's when you get your chance.

Steel: Another thing, son, why do you hang around those clowns?

Steel: Do you like the way they abuse you?

Steel: Do you like the way they treat you?

Steel: Why not leave them, and join up with me, at least you would get better treatment.

Steel: Oh, by the way, I love your costume.

Steel laughs...

Steel: Looks just like mine.

Steel laughs and smirks again...

Steel: I will see you on Saturday at Showdown.

Steel: And, Jabroni, you too will feel the appeal of Steel!

"War Machine" starts to play again.

Steel drops the mic, then holds up the belt one more time.

Steel starts to climb out of the ring, and then walk back up the ramp, then fades out...