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The scene opens in an empty arena. Steel is in the ring, looking around, then speaks...

Steel: We are a few short hours away from crowning the first ever NAW North American Champion.

Steel: It's going to happen right here, in this ring, my ring.

Steel: The time for talk is now over.

Steel: You see, I am going to enter this ring tonight, and I will toss out you 4 boys.

Steel: Mark, Chris, Satan, Jabroni... you 4 boys will know pain tonight.

Steel: You 4 boys will know misery tonight.

Steel: And, you 4 boys will know Steel!

Steel: Here is how it will go down...

Steel: First, "War Machine" will play...

Steel: Then I will walk down that ramp...

Steel: Then climb over the ropes, into the ring...

Steel: Then, I will start to throw all 4 of you out of my ring, as fast as I can.

Steel: I will take pleasure in tossing out Jabroni, then Satan, then Jericho, and Mark Mustang!

Steel: I will be the last remaining person in that ring tonight, and will be declared the first ever NAW North American Champion!

Steel: So, get ready boys, for the end is near.

Steel: For you will know my name, you will know pain, you will know misery, and you will know Steel!

Steel: (looks into the camera) Get ready, for you 4, will feel the appeal, of Steel!

Steel turns away, and walks out of the ring, as the camera fades to black...