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Camera fades in on a camp fire, the fire is cracklng. The wind is startin to blow some, then the camera pans in on Steel, sitting on a log, eating some beans from a steel can.

Steel: Mark, it's nothing personal brother, it's just business.

Steel: I do not have a beef with you, and you didn't need to flash that little sausage of yours to the crowd.

Steel: I've seen bigger, and that my friend, was nothing to brag about.

Steel smirks and laughs...

Steel: You talk about respect, well yes, I do have alot of respect for you.

Steel: Hell, you are the former AWP Champion, but you never defended that belt against me.

Steel: Who knows what the outcome of the match would have been, if you did defend it against me.

Steel: I wasn't even in the AWP at the time then either, so we may never know how it would have ended.

Steel puts the can of beans down, then grabs a stick, and places polish sausages on it...

Steel: Mark, do not forget, that we have 3 other people in that match to contend with.

Steel: We have Satan, Chris Jericho, and we have Jabroni.

Steel starts to roast the sausages in the open flames, then continues to speak...

Steel: We need to get through them first, son.

Steel: Hell, who knows, we may make one hell of a team one day, you just never know son.

Steel: But, for now, I am going to concentrate on this NAW North American title match on Saturday at Showdown.

Steel: You want to win the belt.

Steel: Jabroni wants to win the belt.

Steel: Chris Jericho wants to win the belt.

Steel: Satan wants to win the belt.

Steel: And, God himself, wants to win the belt!

Steel smirks again, then continues to speak...

Steel: Well, I have news for all of you, (looks in the camera) I am going to win that belt, and become the first ever NAW North American Champion!

Steel: Once I win that title, I will celebrate the victory, with my friends, and my new family, the NAW fans.

Steel: The people that will be sitting in that crowd Saturday night, will most likely be cheering us both on.

Steel: So let's not disappoint them, and give them what they want, the best damn match of the night!

Steel: And, when the smoke clears, and it's all said and done...

Steel: You will know my name, you will know pain, you will know misery, and you will know Steel!

Steel: Mark, you too, will feel the appeal of Steel!

Steel tends to his roasted sausages, then looks back at the camera and speaks...

Steel: Hey, Mark, want a bite?

Steel laughs as the camera fades to black...