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Camera fades in on a big steel drum thats on fire. It's kinda windy, the fire is wild, blowing all over the place. Then, from the shadows, Steel emerges, then speaks...

Steel: I see that the prezz has signed me up to take on 4 guys this coming Saturday night at Showdown for the NAW North American Championship.

Steel: This is one of my favorite types of matches, a mini-Battle Royal.

Steel: I am the king of battle royals!

Steel: I have never lost one in my entire career.

Steel: You 4 little boys will NOT be able to get me out of that ring, I own that ring, and I own that match!

Steel: I see Satan will be part of the battle royal.

Steel: This is not halloween Satan, so lose the costume.

Steel: By the way, Satan, aren't you a little too old to be trick-or-treating?

Steel laughs...

Steel: Your satanic ways do not scare me son, nothing scares Steel!

Steel: (holding a bucket) Get in my way, and I will dump this holy water all over you.

Steel: Now, as for you, Mark Mustang, you talk a good game, but can you fight a good game?

Steel: You are nothing but a steriod using muscle bound freak. And, like Nightstalker said one day, steriod users are guys with big muscles and little dicks.

Steel laughs again

Steel: Then, I see Chris Jericho is part of this match too.

Steel: Don't get me wrong Chris, I personally have nothing against you.

Steel: I like you, you are one hell of a wrestler.

Steel: You call yourself "The Ayatollah of Rock-N-Rolla", and you consider yourself to be "One Bad Mamma Jamma", but you are nothing more than a loud mouth punk!

Steel: Now, this brings me to you, Jabroni.

Steel: I saw you wrestle last Monday night at Mayhem against Nightstalker.

Steel: Son, what is up with you mimmicking people?

Steel: Do you get sexual pleasure from mimmicking people?

Steel: Is that how you get your jollies?

Steel smirks

Steel: Well, Jabroni, let me tell you this, go ahead and mimmick me on Saturday if you want.

Steel: But, be aware, be very aware, 'cause your ass will be thrown out of that ring first, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it son!

Steel: And, as for the rest of you, you will know pain, and you will know misery, and you will know Steel!

Steel: I will be the one, on Saturday night, who will get his hand raised in victory.

Steel: And, I will be the one who is declared the new NAW North American Champion!

Steel: It's time for you 4 little boys to grow yourself a set of steel testicles, because you will need them, when your in the ring with me.

Steel: You will know my name by the time this match is over on Saturday night at Showdown.

Steel: You will feel the appeal of Steel!

Steel turns around and walks back into the shadows, well beyond the burning steel drum, then the camera fades to black...