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"War Machine" blares on the speakers, then slowly walks out Steel from behind the curtain. Steel walks to the ring, and grabs a mic...

Steel: (Looks around at the crowd) Looks like I made it here just in time for the semi-finals.

Steel: I said I was coming, and now here I am.

Steel: I am here to make it known, that I, Steel, challenges the winner of the NAW World title tournament.

Steel: I do not care whether it be Satan, Wraith, Raven, or even that mask wearing clown, Nightstalker.

Steel: I saw the first 4 matches, very impressive matches.

Steel: By the way, what is up with this Jabroni dude? Dressing like the Rock? That's all fine and dandy, but, stay out of my way son.

Steel: Like I have been saying, you all will know pain, misery, and defeat, and you will know Steel!

Steel: So boys, go ahead and finish this tournament. Get that championship belt polished up really nice for me, 'cause, that belt will be gong home with me very soon.

Steel: One last thing, (looks into the camera) You will feel the appeal of Steel!

"War Machine" starts to play again. Steel drops the mic, and looks on at the crowd cheering him. Steel smirks, then climbs out of the ring, and walks back up the ramp, back behind the curtain again.