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The scene opens with Steel sitting in an all night coffee shop, talking on a cell phone...

Steel answers his cell phone...

Steel: Hello?

Steel: Hey man!

Steel: Good to hear from you again.

Steel: Yeah.

Steel: I am on my way now.

Steel: They don't stand a snowballs chance in hell with me.

Steel: Who, you ask? People like Raven and this Satan dude. I have heard all their dribble before. They do not impress me.

Steel: Yeah, man. Can't wait to catch up with you again.

Steel: Yeah, you got it dude, no problem there.

Then a waitress interrupts...

Waitress: Would you like some more coffee, sir? How about a nice hot slice of apple pie?

Steel: Hold on man, I'm answering the waitress.

Steel: (To the Waitress, not looking up) Yeah, both will be fine. And, please bring the check to.

Waitress: Yes sir.

Steel: (Back on the phone) Yeah, she's gone.

Steel: Ok, will do. Peace!

Steel hangs up the cell phone, just as the waitress returns with his coffe, pie, and the check.

Steel looks at the camera and speaks...

Steel: Are you boys in the NAW ready for what awaits you? Are you ready for pain? Are you ready for misery? Are you ready for (brief pause) Steel?

Steel: I am coming. Your lives will be turned upside down once I get there. Life, as you now know it, will never be the same again.

Steel: You will feel the appeal of Steel!

Steel starts to eat his pie, and finish his coffee. Then he takes out his wallet, starts to pay his bill, then walks out.

The camera fades as Steel walks into the night...