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The scene opens in an old abandoned scrap metal yard. It's dark outside, about 11:30pm. The yard seems deserted. There is a tall mysterious figure standing next to a steel drum that's on fire.

The mysterious figure is moving old scraps of metal, not sayin a word, then speaks.

Mystery Man: I see that the NAW is having a Title Tournment without me. That is fine with me. You see, I been brought up different than most. I wasn't born with no silver spoon. I never went to those fancy rich kid schools. I always had to work for what I wanted. And, if I couldn't earn it, I would just take it.

Mystery Man: You see, we never had a regular house, but, we did have this scrap metal yard. "Steel City, U. S. A." was the best little scrap yard anywhere. Momma Steel and Poppa Steel always taught me to work hard, and that hard work will pay off. Well, when Momma and Poppa Steel died, our scrap metal yard was sold right out from under me. Well, 3 years later, I found the company that bought my home, and I took it back, by force.

Steel: So you see, what this all comes down to, is this...

Steel: You go ahead with your tournament, for when I enter the NAW, and I step foot into that squared circle, NO Titles will be safe. I am coming, you better be prepared!

Steel: I just wanna leave you with one final thing, (looks at the camera) "You will feel the appeal of Steel!"

The camera pans away from Steel, then fades out...