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Creek County Ambulance,Your one stop graphic spot This web site is not part of Creek County Emergency Ambulance Service District, It is a personal web site about Creek County Ambulance. All pictures and comments are of that, The designer of this web site. Thank you for visiting this site of Creek County Ambulance. They now have RSI protocols to help with pt's with head injury's, Combative, Siezures, Ect that may be difficult intubations. They are a metropolitan/rural EMS service that provides emergency service for around 65,000 people that live in Creek County, Oklahoma. They have around 25 Paramedics, 6 Intermediates and 15 Basics And 5 Others (Dispatcher, Firstresponders, Office and Management). Our Director; Rita Diehl has over twenty yrs. service in EMS. Our Operations Manager Joe McGill has over twelve yrs. in EMS. They have three stations, Main station in Sapulpa and two others in Bristow and Drumright, They cover around 900 square miles. Towns we cover are Sapulpa, Bristow, Drumright, Oakhurst, Kiefer, Mounds, Depew, Slick, Gypsy, Milfay, Shamrock, Oakridge, Oilton, Kellyville. They have six helicopters in and around our area (Tulsa Life Flight, Medi-Flight Okc, Eaglemed Stillwater and Talaqueh. They want you to visit us at our E-mail address so please write us if you have any Questions. Creek County EMS 123 E. Hobson st. Sapulpa, Ok 74066. Phone:918-227-4111 Fax: 918-227-4395 If You Are Looking Into A Job You Need To Come By The Sapulpa Station. For Those Medics And Friends That Did Not Hear. This Past July (07-04-00)One Medic from Our Service Died (Stephen Howard), Also He Was Our Assistant Director. We All Miss Stephen Very Much. Our New Unit Is Numbered After Him (Unit 19), We also Have a Plaque That Is On The Wall In The Box Of The Unit. Also The Page 7 Of This Site Is Also Dedicated To Stephen. They Have Been In Service 20yrs In November 2002, The Ambulance Service Was Started In November 1982. In 1982 Creek County Ambulance Covered Eastern Creek County (Sapulpa, Kiefer, Mounds, Kellyville, Oakhurst), In January Of 1983 Creek County Ambulance Started Covering SouthWestern Creek County (Bristow, Depew, Slick, Gypsy, Milfay, Shamrock). In June 2001 We Started Covering Northwestern Creek County (Drumright, Oilton,). All But The Mannford Area, They Have There Own Service. They have recieved one of our new units after one had burnned. It is a 450 superduty that we numbered 28 and the other 29. This unit will go to Drumright and the other will stay in Sapulpa. It's colors are white with blue stripe from front and over the whole backside. These two new units are AEV like EMSA. (19,20,23,24,26,28,29). I will try to get pics of our unit burning and post the pics.,Your one stop graphic spot,Your one stop graphic spot,Your one stop graphic spot,Your one stop graphic spot

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