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Ixnay On The Hombre
1997 - Columbia Records

2.The Meaning Of Life
4.Me And My Old Lady
5.Cool To Hate
6.Leave It Behind
7.Gone Away
8.I Choose
10.All I Want
11.Way Down The Line
12.Don't Pick It Up
14.Change The World


Produced and mixed by Dave Jerden
Recorded and mixed at Eldorado Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA

Engineered by Bryan Carlstrom
Assistant engineers: Brian Jerden, Annete Cisneros
Mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Oasis Mastering, Studio City, CA

All songs by The Offspring
Corp. 1997 Underarchiever Music (administred by Wixen Music (BMI)) except "Intermission" by Irving Ceasar and Vincent Youmans.
Additional lyrics by Dexter Holland
WB Music Corp. and Irving Ceasar Music Corp. (all rights admin. by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP))

Guitar tech: Bryan Hall
"Disclaimer" spoken by Biafra
"Intermission" vocals by John Mayer
Kiss my ass by Calvert Deforest
Additional vocals on "Mota" by Jason "Blackball" McLean
Additional percursion by Paulinho Dacosta
Backing vocals by Dexter, Noodles & Davey Havoc
Paulinho Dacosta appears courtesy of One Glove Music

Art directions by Sean Evans
Cover illustration by Enrique Chagoya
Skeleton band photo by Lisa Haun

AFI, Anheuser-Busch, Jeremy Barton, Gloria Bennet, Jill Berliner, Biafra, Callstar Rods, Chelsea, Paul Cobb, Jane Costello, Calvert Deforest, Rick Devoe, Phil Ealy, Fitzjoy - "King Of The Road", Foglifter Coffee, Jim Guerinot, Guttermouth, Chris X-13 Higgins, Kristine Holland, Martin Horne, Ibanez / Rob Nishida, Jackie, Mike Jacobs, Jägermeister, Kamala, Andy Kaulkin, Kathy Koehler, Ron Kramer, Linda and Ray, Andrea Luna, Lunachicks, Jason "Blackball" Mclean, Marlboro, Mesa Boogie, Midnight Express / Peter Gower, Morrow, Wendy Naylor, Nitro, No Use For A Name, NOFX, Peter Paterno, Penn Reels, Pennywise, Quicksand, Rancid, Dave Rat, George Rat, Tommy Rat, Brian Rat, Rebel Waltz, Barricade Deve Reece, Paula Reece, Jeff Scovel, Stormy Shepherd, Rick Shipley, Silverchair, Srh, Tama / Joe Hibbs, Trevin, Larry Tull, Louie Valz, Vandals, Jay Walker, Weezer, Randall Wixen, Chrissie Yiannou, Zildjian / Brent Anderson


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