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Welcome to Xtasee's Link Page
Hello,welcome to my page. So what are you looking for??Nascar2 links? Links to some good clipart pages?How about some links to some fantasy hockey leagues?

Well these are what I have!My name is Russ and join me as I take you to some of my favorite sites.This is my first good try at building a web page,so please let me know what you think. I am always ready to listen to good ideas..

So you like Nascar2? Do you think it's one of the best games ever? I do but you can still make it better!! In here you find links to pages that have all kinds of add-ons and setups.

How about building a web Page?? Come here and find links to all kinds of clipart and general help pages˘˘

I love playing fantasy hockey.Check here to find links to some good leagues,some free and some not....

Use the pull down menu to go to these search engines or to get the Coffeecup HTML editor..
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