WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 41, produced April 16, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*DXing Earth from the Moon; how VHF and UHF reception would work;
 comments to or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA
*DXing Jupiter from Earth; see Radio Jove:
 [in Spanish; has links to English sites]
*SETI League offers proxy QSLs for ET reception, natural or otherwise
 See and
*Article on meteor burst communications:
*Correlation between solar maxima and influenza pandemics
*Computer-mad generation has a memory crash
*Tom Roche reviews Sony Car Shortwave Radios; see which contains:
 Sony XRC5600X $145.80
 Sony XR4900 $115.02
 Sony XRS888 $114.75 On Sale
*New radio receiver doubles number of FM stations, unexplained how:
*Antique Soviet radio site:
*Short-circuiting grey market products with chips to use GPS or
 identify national broadcasters
*CIA `Data Mining` technology
*Out of time, cannot get to three more stories in billboard
 [internet inventor and enemies; how to promote SW]
*Standard disclaimer; Glenn Hauser concluding WOR X 41       ##