WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA #40, produced Feb. 13, 2001
        by Glenn Hauser; released the week of March 7, 2001

*Cancer near powerlines found higher downwind, linked to ionized
*Bob Tomalski, British ``gadget guru``, Media Network contributor,
 died; see and
*William I. Orr, W6SAI, technical author, died
*Is R. Austria International a Sinking Ship? The director replies:
*Voice of Russia quiz for the 40th anniversary of manned space
 flight April 12; see and
 DXLD 1-019, 1-020
*Radio Miks-Master, Yakutsk, is an official, not private SW station
*Olle Alm on the drawbacks of SSB broadcasting, Turkmenistan example
*Now in progress, the 40th Extra of World of Radio, addresses or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Standard disclaimer
*V. of Turkey English program list is at
*Visitor to Yemen reports on SW and FM usage
*V. of Nigeria admitted as first African station to Digital Radio
 Mondiale; hope they do better with digital than analog
*CNN World Report reviewed as disappointing; CNN cutting staff
*48.25 MHz TV from Spain often received by K1SIX in New Hampshire
 by non sporadic-E; see
*WWV asking for participants in users` survey; for hardcopy
 questionnaire to be sent in May, send postal address to NIST Radio
 Users Survey, 2000 E County Road 58, Fort Collins, CO 80524 or
*Monitoring the `national windshield wiper synchronization signal`
 and the ping-pong sounds
*Site for postal rates from anywhere to anywhere:
*``Reactions``: artistic impression of numbers stations:
*International Spy Museum to open in Washington DC, spring 2002
*Tasmanian radio played the only musical instrument which sounds the
 same backwards as forwards, mystifying musical experts
*If you missed any URLs, or for more information, check our website
*WOR Extra 40 now concluding; Glenn Hauser, inviting you to listen
 next week for a World of Radio in our normal numerical sequence,
 well over 1000                              ###