WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 39, produced Jan 15, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Official limits of SW broadcasting bands as of 2007, already used
*Uruguay plans two new 49mb stations: R. Universo, see DXLD 0-140, and R. Sarandi del Yi, DXLD 0-143,
*R. Mozambique installing more transmitters and equipment
*Maoris entitled to affirmative action in NZ spectrum grant
*The controversy over public broadcasting in Australia; read at
*Three Angels Broadcasting Network, American 7DA moving into PNG
*Set-top NTSC/PAL conversion units allow N and S Korea TV interchange
 via satellite
*This is the middle of World of Radio Extra 39; our website Addresses: or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA, where
 your contributions are always welcome
*The horizontal zarya directional MW transmitting antenna in the CIS;
 see WRTH 1995 p. 579
*Mikhail Gorbachev now owns Good Radio, Moscow; to expand nationally
*World Radio Network on MW in St. Petersburg, plans more cities
*BBC WS to move out of Bush House to join other BBC branches in new
 facility at Portland Place
*RTE, Ireland, 75th anniversary this year; special programs all year;
 see (Flash) or html only at
*North Americans should look for European FM DX on 87.5 to 88.0 MHz
*US government saves Iridium low-earth-orbit satellite system
*Al Gross, W8PAL, inventor of walkie-talkie et al., died Dec. 21
*This has been the 39th Extra edition of World of Radio; Glenn Hauser
 here inviting you to hear a regular edition next week           ###