WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA #37, produced by Glenn Hauser

*The late John Doremus still announces on Minnesota station
*Tommy Mischke on KSTP, unpredictable and
humorous talkhost, in Atlantic article with audio links:
*Phil Hendrick, put-on talkhost of KFI Los Angeles, also relayed by
*Poor WJR, Detroit, loses baseball and hockey, demoted to lower floor
in Fisher Building
*Radio a cure for insomnia in Britain; from,5673,374346,00.html
*Audio and video of porn channel and Vatican crossed
*World of Radio Extra 37
*European Union website lists all countries and proper terminology
(also proper English style [but may not work]:)
*National anthem site with MIDI sound and lyrics:
[also: ]
*Henrik Klemetz` advice on QSLing by telephone
*Voice of Nigeria`s great future, to eclipse foreign broadcasters
*Madang and other Papua New Guinea stations getting AusAID
*William Hepburn explains the behaviour of tropospheric ducts in
VHF, UHF, microwave propagation.
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio Extra 37           ###