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        WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA #36, produced by Glenn Hauser

*Details of new Thomcast transmitters for BBC Oman and Thailand
*Digital test on 19m covers 60 kHz
*Military control of Thai broadcasting challenged
*North and South Korea agree to be nicer to each other
*Tropiquaria: zoo/aquarium with radio museum at BBC Washford
*Andrew Wiseman`s TV Room, museum of British TV logos, IDs:
*Plans to move BBC news from west to centre London
*Blue Jam, nasty show on BBC Radio 1
*In midst of WOR Extra 36, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*New BBC director general Greg Dyke attacks predecessor John Birt
*Op Ed attacks Dyke: ``Dumb, dumber, Dykist``
*Shortwave mixing products explained; example: Ukraine 11570
*Concluding WOR Extra 36; see our website for links and much more:               ###