WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA #34, produced by Glenn Hauser

*KFI host arranges Stan Trek 2000, tours of the 'stans; [they depart July 31]
*Chinese woman jailed for mailing newspapers = state secrets
*Committee to Protect Journalists names worst enemies of the press:
 leaders of Sierra Leone, Iran, Yugoslavia, Kazakhstan, Angola,
 Peru, Malaysia, Tunisia, China, Cuba
*Zambia suppresses opposition radio, but Christian Voice is OK;
*Thai newspaper slams Australian government move to control
 broadcasts to Asia
*R. Australia losing out to BBC in Indonesia; plans for Darwin
 transmitter; no mention of VOA or RN
*World of Radio Extra 34; input to or P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA;
*Spain`s weekly Sephardic broadcast; but no Yiddish from Deutsche
*CBC Ideas had a show on Goa in mid-May; check archives at [not found]
*All India Radio in English via Goa site
*Eavesdropping damaged GCHQ spies` hearing; now being compensated
*Noise on MW band came from electric meter, not water meter
*Installing a Becker Mexico SW radio in a GM vehicle
*DSL modem did not interfere with shortwave
*Searches over 70 kilosites for music:
*Tuvalu`s windfall for selling its .tv domain; unmerited. Also sold
 rights to telephone country code
*Top ten countries in internet use: USA, Japan, Germany, Britain,
 China, Canada, South Korea, Italy, Brazil, France
*World of Radio Extra 34, providing, I hope, some food for thought;
 listen again next week for a regular edition; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###