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        WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA #32, produced by Glenn Hauser
        for the week starting January 5, 2000

*Very High Rate Digital Subscriber Lines threaten to ruin shortwave
 listening; see http://www.vdsl.org
 and Home Networking article at  http://hamradio-online.com
 FCC commmissioners' E-mail:
 Chairman William Kennard: bkennard@fcc.gov 
 Commissioner Susan Ness: sness@fcc.gov
 Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth: hfurchtg@fcc.gov
 Commissioner Michael Powell: mpowell@fcc.gov
 Commissioner Gloria Tristani: gtristan@fcc.gov
*John Cobb in Georgia thinks VDSL may explain his interference
*Navy demolishes radio towers at Annapolis
*Barry Goldwater's home for sale
*Use an Archer 2A5 cable converter to tune F2 TVDX below channel A2
*National Weather Service will soon perfect Perfect Paul
*Alice Springs School of the Air relies on HF radio
*Remembering Ian Messiter, creator of Just A Minute
*Some novelty antennas
*Honoring the inventor of the Remote                          ###