WORLD OF RADIO #1134, produced June 5, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Monday repeat of our Spanish DX report Mundo Radial was there June 3
 at 2130 on 15825; still to be deleted?
*WBCQ cancels our first broadcast time Wed 2330 from next week, but
 still at 0415 Thu on 7415
 [to be replaced by Wed 2200 on 7415 AND 17495]
*Jewish Radio Network added Sundays to WBCQ with real rabbi, including
 music programs, on 17, then 9 MHz; next Sunday trying simul on 7
*Offshore radio project at The Planet being revived, asking for
*Sister Stair sends out more rambling, incoherent circulars. Brother
 Stair phoned her June 3 that he had been put into maximum security
*May 29 a young man, Stan Bean, at the Overcomer farm, died; coroner
 says foul play nearly conclusively ruled out
*Construction permit granted for new SW station in Pinyon, New Mexico,
 KIMF, International Fellowship of Churches; coordinates; same owner
 as Honduran HRMI
*As we hypothesized sesquidecades ago, UHF TVDX from one side of the
 world to the other is finally reported via moonbounce, Oklahoma to
 Western Australia; see DXLDs 2-089, 2-090
*This Week in Amateur Radio, and WA0RCR Gateway 160 meter bulletin
 service closed down on 1860 kHz
*In expanded AM band station article in Radio World: 
 WRNC admits to running illegal 10 kW at night
*Are X-band stations required to run AM stereo? No, only got priority
 by promising to
*Special ham AM operation June 7-8, W5A from HAMCOM, Arlington,
 TX on 40 and 80 meters
*Seattle station stunts with 7-second song snippets for two days as
 `Quick 96`, then settles into classic hit format
*Waukegan station marking Jack Benny`s 100th birthday, Saturday
 afternoon, June 8, also webcast via
 [original article from Robert Feder Chicago Sun-Times column]
*Texas students do clandestine radio project on R. Rebelde, Cuba,
 and compete at University of Maryland, College Park, June 9-13,
 using material from Don Moore`s website
*R. Americas, Swan Island 1962 QSL card sold for $358 on E-bay;
 debate on ethics of this in DXLD 2-092
*HRN, La Voz de Honduras, long gone from SW, available via webcast, including programs La Tremenda Corte,
 Honduran Music Saturday mornings, La Noticia sin Malicia
*Mexican Pres. Fox has started weekly 5-minute address to Mexicans
 in the US on Saturday mornings via R. Unica network; time?
*Mexico bans TV and radio cigarette ads from 2003y
*US Southwest and Mexico do not understand `emisora`, but instead
 `estacion` for radio station
*Dr. Gene Scott upgrading Cahuita, Costa Rica facility with new 100
 kW transmitter on order, antennas from HCJB, new frequencies planned
 to put good signal into Europe
*I myself made up the callsign `TIDGS` to refer to that station
*World of Radio 1134; our main website unavailable for `upgrade, so remember to check our other site, starting with Anomaly Alert
*New Peruvian monitored on 5 MHz band, Radio Santa Rosa
*R. Bandeirantes, Brasil and where its three SW frequencies are aimed;
 does soccer coverage from its own studios, while R. Guaiba [I said
 Gaucha by mistake] actually sends its correspondents to Japan and
 Korea; measured to three decimal places; time pips on quarter hour
*R. Baluarte, Argentine pirate, schedule and address: Casilla de
 Correo 45, 3370 Puerto Iguazu, Provincia de Misiones, Argentina;
 E-mail QSL from
*Pirate other than Argentine military feeder, Radio Fox 48, heard on
 15820 next to WWCR, location unknown
*Middle-of-night World Cup games may put rare SW stations on the air
 and DXable, such as Uruguay June 11 at 0630 on 6120, 6140, 6150
*Port Moresby reactivated on 90 meters, R. Central
*Jembatan DX has monitoring list by frequency of the few remaining
 Indonesians active on SW; in DXLD 2-092
*R. Nepal QSLs are arriving, but laser-printed letters fall off slick
 stock and stamps stolen
*Chinese station in Lhasa, Tibet, heard with English program; six
 days a week for tourists, but also on at least two SW frequencies
*Last week`s unID on 18940, recordings of test music, and then opening
 of regular service from May 31; proved to be official R. Afghanistan,
 Kabul, relayed back to country via Norway; and another broadcast in
 the mornings on 15240 via Abu Dhabi
*New frequency in English from R. Sultanate of Oman, avoiding HCJB
*R. Liberia International missing from its 5 and 6 MHz frequencies
*V. of Greece morning relay via USA moved from 9 to 11 MHz
*Xinhua reports that Greek parliamentary committee approves extension
 of RFE and VOA relays there for another 6 years, despite communist
*Villagers at Valley, Bavaria, win suit to rid themselves of US relay
 station because of high cancer rate. See DXLD 2-092 (in German)
*Laser Hot Hits, Europirate, audible all evening in Pennsylvania on
 9 MHz
*R. Baltic Waves International test June 10-11-12 2030-2130 UT with
 700 kW nondirectional on 1386 kHz, R. Liberty in Russian; reports
 wanted to: Vivulskio 7-405, LT-2600 Vilnius, Lithuania; E-mail: Fax +370-2-652532 
*Ostankino broadcast tower in Moscow, which caught fire almost two
 years ago, refurbished and now insured for $114 million per year
*International Chaikovsky Competition in Moscow this month, as usual
 coinciding with World Cup; VOR reports about it and also check
 CBC Radio 2
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 4; flux range 160-185
*Remember our address or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702, USA
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1134         ###