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     WORLD OF RADIO #1108, produced December 5, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Frequent updates to our schedule as RFPI adjusts its usage; see
 especially http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/radioskd.html
*Now on http://www.worldofradio.com are updates of DX and Media
 programs, and Nets to You; quick links at homepage
*Also under construction is a special temporary page on special
 programs and transmissions for the Marconi centennial around Dec. 12,
*WRMI`s long-publicized EDXC special UT December 12 is now in doubt,
 with posting of a new program and frequency schedule at
 http://wrmi.net as it greatly expanded Christian programming
*KPH and K6KPH plan another special for Marconi centennial; see
*W1AA/CC, Marconi Radio Club Dec 11-16 from Cape Cod; see
*Italians using special calls during December
*German LF special from weather station, DDH47
*Royal Navy Thunder Squadron re-enacts Marconi`s DX from Cornwall to
 Newfoundland, 1606-1800 kHz spark gap: http://www.atlantic-leap.org
 and GB100GM on hambands: http://www.mulliononline.com or specifically
*VE3BBN in Ontario plans spark gap special on 80 meters
*The Great Eastern comes back for a Marconi special
*Part of Tuning the World interactive special on CBC:
 http://www.tuningtheworld.com and Planet Radio on This Morning,
 Cross Country Checkup
*R. New Zealand has Marconi special on Sounds Historical
*ABC has special day combining all its networks; commemorative CD
*KAIM, Hawaii`s only 50 kW AM station, from Molokai, going dark at
 yearend to protect KRLA in California
*V. of Korea using bands no higher than 11 MHz this winter; see
*Ramzan specials alter Kashmiri SW schedule
*Adrian Peterson background on all Pakistani SW transmitters in DXLD
 1-190: http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/dxld1190.txt
*Interview with founder of R. Voice of Afghanistan: hopes to operate
 from Afghanistan itself, add English and Arabic; has English PR
 person. Listen: 
*Russia wants to revive megawatt MW in Tajikistan, for Afghanistan
*Commando Solo still heard, but no SW direct from Kabul
*The suspicious Wolfgang Bueschel suggests US secret services behind
 many clandestines in propaganda wars
*Can Afghan language find speakers in US? Miami Herald, Nov. 26
*Standard disclaimer
*WOR 1108, wghauser@hotmail.com -- please do not use our yahoo address.
*Thanks this time for financial support go to: Bill Flynn
*Yemen appears to have two different SW transmitters on slightly
 different frequencies, one weak, one strong
*Bayrak Radio, Turkish Cyprus, resumed testing on 6 MHz band, more
 from Dec 10; reports wanted to mustafa.tosun@emu.edu.tr
*Nobel Week in Sweden with special coverage culminating December 10
*R. Polonia wants to stay on SW, but get better coverage, lower costs
 via Germany or Slovakia
*Deutsche Welle Intendant foresees cutback from 29 to only five major
 languages: ``We cannot serve the whole world.``
*Salama Radio, Christian from UK to Nigeria, still heard, on 12 MHz;
 http://www.salamaradio.org website found extremely uninformative
*RTNC, DR Congo in exchange agreement with Africa Number One, Gabon
*Argentine DXer can no longer hear LRA36, Antarctica, nor do they
 answer their phone; so is it closed down for good? When to listen
*New Chilean appears on same frequency as new Uruguayan, Radio
 Parinacota, 24 hours from Putre, address Casilla 82, Arica, and
 relays Cooperativa for four hours
*R. Mosoj Chaski, Bolivia, expanded hours, both morning and evening
*R. San Antonio, new Peruvian from Villa Atalaya, now monitored on 60m
*Two Colombian MW harmonics within 10 Hz of each other, Radio Garzon
 and Emisora Punto Cinco
*Intriguing unID near 2380 relaying VOA and Spain in Spanish
*RFPI`s latest known frequency schedule on 15 and 7 MHz
*R. Liberacion, CIA clandestine for Guatemala in 1954, subject of 25-
 minute report on Dec 1 This American Life; see DXLD 1-187 and hear:
*Radio Free Texas, micropower FM, http://www.rpmradio.net
*All Things Considered feature on KDKA and Frank Conrad`s garage:
*1710 kHz Jewish station heard by many is Lubavitcher Radio, probably
 in Brooklyn; check http://www.chabad.org or
*Look out for Weirdly Cool, special from Firesign Theatre this month,
 as PBS pledge special; extensive list of outlets in DXLD 1-188
*26 MHz French TV link comes from CKTM, Trois Rivieres, Quebec
*Strike threatened against CBC, deadline postponed to noon December 6
*World Radio TV Handbook 2002 published December 7; publisher admits
 past inaccuracies, and promises a great improvement from now on;
 please report any mistakes to wrthdir@aol.com
*Thomas Giella says high solar flux depresses MW and tropical band
 propagation with greater D-layer absorption
*He has also started posting a weekly mediumwave propagation outlook
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, December 4; flux range 225-185-225
*And so concludes another World of Radio, #1108; I`m Glenn Hauser ###