WORLD OF RADIO #1107, produced Nov. 28, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI resumed using 7445, but on USB, not AM, late at night
*WWCR frequency plans affecting us: staying on 15685 Thu at 2130,
 and on 3210 2200-1100, including WOR Friday 1030, and Mundo Radial
 Friday 2215 [then we heard that 9475 may come back after all...]
*WINB reported testing on 9475 after Egypt is off
*WWCR added another program directed at Muslims, by a convert to
 Christianity, ``Jihad in Light of the Koran and Hadith``
*December 12th is Marconi 100th anniversary; lots of specials, to be
 covered next week
*W1AW has specials before then honoring 80th anniversary of trans-
 Atlantic tests; 40th anniversary of Oscar I
*WLW 700 monitored on numerous harmonics up to 8th
*unID on 1710 with Jewish programming, micropower from Brooklyn?
*Special MW DX test, Sunday morning Dec. 2, WPRI268, Lancaster, MA on
 1620 kHz; or 25 Blodgett St., Orange, MA 01364
*Progress in Pacifica dispute, formation of new compromise board
*MeasureCast says classical WQXR is top-rated webcaster; the rest of
 the top 5 including KING
*Chicago`s classical, fine arts station WFMT celebrating 50th
 anniversary with special programming through December 13th;
*Antenna seminar on a MARS net UT Sundays, AAR2BV moderator
*RCI has a new director-general, a low-key change, Jean Larin,
 expected to promote news coverage, replacing Denis Doucet
*RFI`s director Jean-Paul Cluzel gets a second 5-year term as labor
 unions strike to preserve arrangements in face of shift to digital
*David Page promotes a blooper show on Dec. 2 Club 95-16, RFI
*Computed coverage maps, including back radiation, for RFI in English: 
*French 25 MHz signals from La Rochelle now identified by Stephane
 Veron, DX Listening Digest reader from info in Journal Officiel, -- one watt each from 37 different sites on five
 frequencies with tourist info. If you have Quicktime, see
*Unsolicited testimonial: if it were not for DXLD, this may never have
 been identified
*Via SW, MW, FM, cable, satellite, internet, WOR 1106 [sic! I mean
 1107], (not or fax 1-580-233-2948
 attention Hauser; website
*Catering company signs 150 megapound deal to feed 20 kilostaff at
 BBC London, Scotland
*Another monthly DX special from Scandinavian Weekend Radio starts
 UT Friday November 30 at 2200 for 24 hours:
*R. Finland explains situation of English broadcasts; no immediate
 plans to cut; see DXLD 1-178
*SRI died some years ago when it gutted its English production staff
*DW`s expensive new website gets more negative reviews
*R. Polonia considering using external relays, e.g. to Kazakhstan
*R. Minsk, Belarus` now has English and German broadcasts on demand
 at website 
*Best frequencies for V. of Greece in eastern North America
*Blocked in NAm by supersignal from Chile, but audible in Europe:
 new clandestine for Eritrea, Voice of the Horn; audio clips at sound like Sawt al-Qarn, Malahi Voice. See with confused political position
*New SW station reported at Boorama, Somalia on ``5.5 MHz``
*Somalia`s internet link with rest of world cut off, causing anxiety
*Radio Comoros, formerly on SW, starting webcasting via 
*R. Jordan stronger than usual, overpowering teletype; English notes
*R. Georgia in English monitored in Alberta
*Iran started new Arabic ``V. of Al Aqsa Intifadah from Teheran``
 instead of ``Hebrew`` service
*Much more about R. Voice of Afghanistan, first heard here last week;
 see all recent issues of DX Listening Digest. BBCM got press release
 with phone number, and it started announcing as from London. Founder
 Said Jalal Karim gives background, plans, transmitter site; website
 not yet up will be  Afghan
 Broadcasting Company, 21 Worship St., London, UK EC2A 2DW; QSLs
*Commando Solo still being heard; IDs caught in Dari and Pashtu:
 Radyo-e Ma'ulumat, Ma'ulumat-i Radio  
*China Radio International celebrating 60th birthday December 3
*Taiwan`s exhaustive SW schedule in DXLD 1-183
*RNZI running shows on Maori music, band programme
*Also in DXLD 1-183: an exhaustive study of varying sign-on times of
 Bolivian tropical-band stations
*Bolivia also unlikely site for a new Globe Wireless CW coastal
 station, CPK, with frequencies 17 thru 26 MHz
*Stereo Carrizal, Ecuador, reactivated for tests on 90m
*Split MW frequency from Guantanamo, Cuba with fuzzy audio
*R. Liberte, Haiti is programmed from NY by Serge Beaulieu at the UN, and streaming planned via
 [corrected URL]
*Long-discontinued Yaesu FRG-100 still available, on sale at Universal
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 27; flux range 220-175
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1107   ###