WORLD OF RADIO #1106, produced November 20, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI has started streaming live from studios, including WOR and COM;
 see or directly via
*RFPI resumed 7445 kHz, at least for tests on USB
*WWCR had to juggle Brother Stair frequencies, but also impacting #1
 carrying us. Mundo Radial Fri 2215 may be able to resume 9475 [but
 less likely for WOR Friday 1030, still on 3210]
*Spain missing from 90mb this season, so WWCR need not shift 5 kHz
*WRN1 and hence WOR no longer audible via C-SPAN satellite and cable
*Second broadcast of WOR on WBCQ 7415, UT Thursday 0600 started late
 last week, so stay tuned
*WBCQ reports large increase in listenership; Smithsonian Magazine
 has full-page ad for Grundig 800
*WBCQ has new Jewish program, Spiritual Dimensions, Tuesday nights
*Grunding says SW radio sales soared after Sept. 11 by 500 percent
*Help for new SWLs: links to international broadcasters via
*Nagoya DX Circle has English schedules page:
*Bro. Stair says another 24h SW transmitter is under construction
 for him, but where? WBCQ?
*Homefront Radio Network launched, for armed forces abroad; but it`s
 really just another program on
*Mexican listener tipped us on new R. V. of Afghanistan on 9 MHz;
 we taped the hour and present clips: includes IDs in at least two
 languages, Pashtu, Dari; dramatic poem. Not a Taleban outlet, but
 exact ID, studio and transmitter location, and sponsors yet to be
 determined; most likely from outside Afghanistan; much more info
 forthcoming in latest DX Listening Digests
*R. Afghanistan, Kabul, reported back on MW frequencies locally, via
 mobile transmitter; NPR had report about this including ID, but not
 the same as on 9 MHz band:
*NY Times reports on resumed Jalalabad station with poetry, music:
*R. Free Afghanistan, US-sponsored, still not ready. See
*Proposal to move closed SW transmitters from Spain to Kuwait for this
*High Adventure will broadcast to Allied Forces in SW Asia, and Urdu
*HCJB announced plans to broadcast in Dari to Afghanistan, via relay?
*UAE Radio, Dubai, off-frequency on three different bands
*Live from Turkey weekly call-in moved to earlier time on Tuesday,
 but on only one frequency, to Europe; try webstream if you dare
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1106, recorded one
 day early because of an intrusive holiday which doesn`t really have
 to be on Thursday
*Tnx this week for financial support go to: Chuck Ermatinger
*Read much more at
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*Ramadan is underway until mid-December, so Islamic stations extend
 broadcasts, even to all-night
*R. Kashmir, Srinagar, has special early-morning Ramzan broadcast
*China putting more SW transmitters on, including 60mb from Tibet 
*V. of Tibet, clandestine on two nearby 15 MHz frequencies, unjammed
*Falun Dafa, clandestine to China, observed schedule, jammed
*New Star Broadcasting Station, numbers station in Chinese from
 Taiwan as observed
*North Korea, P5, currently active on hambands thanks to visiting
 Georgian; see
*Ducie Island ham DX-pedition called off due to heavy seas
*Micronesian MW station discovered on new frequency, V6AJ, Kosrae
*VNG, Australian timesignal station was three seconds off
*Uruguayan monitored in daytime on variable 6 MHz frequency
*Radiodifusoras Huancabamba, Peru, changed outofband 6 MHz frequency
*Sunday, November 25, everything stops in Ecuador for census, and
 radio stations expected to operate overtime
*Idea Radio, Colombia, is run by Italian immigrant; looking for
 clearer frequency, tried WBCQ`s one night
*New SW station in Guatemala is R. Amistad, Baptist at San Pedro La
 Laguna, off-frequency, vertical incidence antenna
*Retraction of previous assumption that La Voz de Nahuala was source
 of spy numbers: heard next day on a different frequency
*SW radios fix-tuned to KVOH? being airdropped on remote Zacatecas
 tribe who have yet to be Christianized
*CMHW, Santa Clara, Cuba, became super-power after hurricane
*Reflections Europe, Ireland, back on three SW frequencies; see but with completely wrong schedule
*Greg Dyke, head of BBC, warns staff that public criticism of BBC
 will not be tolerated:,7493,596135,00.html
*BBC WS has decided not to describe attacks on the US as `terrorism`,
 a term which is too subjective
*Mystery French signal on 11m mentions La Rochelle, apparently from
 a museum, but unconfirmable
*Correxion to last week: for Liechtenstein
*Croatian Radio via Germany moved one frequency from 9 to 7 MHz,
 avoiding VOA and AWR but now in 40m hamband; has DTK no shame?
*Orientations programs in English from Greece as monitored; but how
 about brief newscasts in English?
*V. of Russia clashes with CHU on unannounced frequency
*V. of Russia testing via transmitters in Ukraine, to chagrin of RUI
*R. Norway is another SW station in financial danger; but should we
 care, since they dropped English several years ago?
*R. Finland thinking about following example of BBC, dropping English
 to North America; not in its mandate, anyway [follow-up: DXLD 1-178]
*R. Solidarity, clandestine to Ethiopia on new schedule
*V. of Freedom, Sudan clandestine from Eritrea on new frequency,
 once a week only
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov. 20; flux range 160-200
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio, 1106       ###