WORLD OF RADIO #1105, produced November 14, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*HFCC belatedly posted B-01 frequency schedule November 9, a very
 useful reference, help with unIDs, but large file, via:
*Radio Studio X, Italy, added a repeat of WOR, Sundays 1730 UT on
 1584 kHz and FM
*RFPI grid shows one more airing for WOR, Mondays 1730, but no repeats
*RFPI`s 21 MHz channel audible all day in New Zealand
*WBCQ has new programs until 1 am EST, so repeat of WOR is latened
 to 0600 UT Thursdays on 7415, 5.5 hours after first broadcast; how
 is this in Europe?
*We suddenly have a new frequency for WOR on WWCR, Fridays at 1030 on
 3210 instead of 9475; and Mundo Radial, Fridays 2215 on 3215 ex-9475
*USAF calls back 7460 from WWCR, forcing it to adjust schedule for
 Bro. Scare service, now on 9475 and 2390; thus, transmitter #1 can no
 longer use 9475 at shoulder periods, so 90m extended 2200-1100
*No USAF usage of 7460 heard yet, but several other broadcsters
 including Polisario clandestine
*Hmmm, WWCR extension on 9475 is very bad news for R. Cairo listeners
*WRNO heard relaying New Orleans religious station; clashes with
 WYFR on 7 MHz
*William Cooper, Hour of the Time, killed Nov 6 in a shootout with a
 deputy sheriff in Arizona, who was in critical condition; Cooper was
 a favorite of Timothy McVeigh. Warrant for Cooper`s arrest. Turned
 out to be a dangerous lunatic
*United Patriot Militia Bingo recording: ``Steve Anderson, man on the
*Jeff White on why Cuban exile programs are in decline
*R. Habana Cuba`s major frequencies were missing for a week following
 Hurricane Michelle, but SSB back sooner
*Spy numbers heard on exact frequency of R. La Voz de Nahuala,
 Guatemalan evangelical station, and on 2nd, 3rd harmonics
*unID on 4840 correlates with reactivated XERTA, Mexico City, on a
 different frequency every night
*Mexican harmonic on 2 MHz popped up in Vermont, XERLK, Atlacomulco
*Something suspicious about Idea Radio, new Colombian on 7 MHz;
 music and accent are not Colombian. Same name and frequency for
 former pirate in Genova, Italy, whose manager fled to Colombia
*R. Landell, Brazilian pirate, announces broadcast for UT November 18
*R. Altura, Cerro de Pasco, Peru on new 5 MHz frequency
*Both Argentina`s frequencies in English have heavy interference,
 but 11 MHz channel no longer offset
*This is the non-government, non-communist, non comercial, non-
 corporate, non-religious, non musical DX program, World of Radio,
 edition 1105; address or fax 1-580-233-2948
 attn Hauser. Much more info to be found at
*Lubumbashi, Congo DR has new 1 kW SW transmitter
*Sudan National Alliance clandestine verifies from Eritrea; postal
 address and
*Radio UNMEE broadcasts in Eritrea suspended
*V. of Unity, Abuja, Nigeria, replaces Kaduna on 7 MHz channel
*Salama Radio gives new schedule, including English portions
*More French TV sound heard on 26 MHz band, but maybe not from France
*Deutsche Welle relaunching website November 15
*Webcast DXing Radio L, Liechtenstein, 
 [not as in original report quoted]
*Radio Polonia may close down shortwave due to poor reception
*Merlin Communications sold to Vosper Thornycroft Holdings, distanced
 further from BBC
*Progress report on new MF, HF transmitters for BBC on Omani mainland,
 and another transmitter for Thailand 
*UAE Radio, Dubai, 21 MHz channel has been off-frequency
*Turkmenistan`s lost English newscast refound at new time
*US aircrew support frequency 9022, coincidentally vacated by Iran,
 which used it for broadcasting
*Swaziland using former Afghanistan frequency, so don`t be fooled
*Single-frequency windup radios not dropped into Afghanistan
*Commando Solo HQ cannot authenticate receptions yet
*Sole Taleban station, MW from Mazar-e Sharif, taken over by Northern
 Alliance, renamed Radio Balkh Province
*Radio back on the air in liberated Kabul, no frequencies mentioned,
 but hams against resumption of 40m band broadcasts
*R. Free Afghanistan legislation may be outpaced by events
*China National Radio testing numerous new SW transmitters,
 especially in Xinjiang; see DXLD 1-171
*V. of Vietnam has new relay to Europe via Austria, plus England
*VNG, Australian timesignals, may close down mid-2002, but will try
 to get out some QSLs this year
*Ducie Island ham DXpedition Nov. 16-25 or so, multi-band; rare IOTA
 and probable new DXCC entity; QSL via VE3HO
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 13: flux range 240-210
*So concludes with a Standard Disclaimer, yet another WOR, 1105;
 Glenn Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed it and will tune in again
 next week                                 ###