WORLD OF RADIO #1104, produced November 5, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

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*New Zealand TV video and audio received by Jeff Kadet, Illinois
*Jonathan Schier, very unpopular head of Australia`s ABC, finally
 resigned, causing Schier bliss; see 
*Fifth harmonic from China heard on 25 MHz band
*Perpetual mistake in CRI`s own schedule re morning English to WNAm
*BBS, Bhutan, changed timezone and English broadcast schedule, mostly
 in daytime; new programs include one about Internet; see and full schedule in DXLD 1-166
*All India Radio`s full GOS schedule in English
*BBC Monitoring still hears only one of three Commando Solo MW
 frequencies; why? Ground conductivity poor, or does it matter with
 an airborne MW transmitter not using radials; and does altitude
 really have any effect on MW coverage?
*US military is jamming GPS signals in Afghanistan so Taliban cannot
 use them either; for links see
*A BBC soap opera to Afghanistan remains extremely popular; why that
 is, and a translated script at 
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, new B-01 frequencies in English to Europe
*Kyrgyzstan wants more Asian broadcasts in Kyrgyz, such as from Iran
*Standard disclaimer
*The 1,104th more or less consecutive edition of World of Radio
*Thanks this time for financial support go to: Bill Flynn
*Eastern Radio, pro-Israeli, anti-Syrian MW station, expands schedule,
 also via
*ZBC, Zimbabwe to be commercialised, but fully owned by government,
*Eric Beauchemin`s report on visit to V. of Nigeria, station being
 revitalised, also at with links
*New VON English broadcast heard well in Victoria
*R. Ghana heard in French, new language for them?
*V. of Greece new schedule shows only one frequency for North America
 in our evenings; times confirmed for weekend English hours, Hellenes
 Around the World, and It`s All Greek to Me
*Romania signs deal with Harris to upgrade broadcast infrastructure,
 $85 million over 3-5 years; hope it includes new SW transmitters
*V. of Russia`s new English schedule to North America
*33 MHz signal from Russia believed to be over the horizon radar
*Polish Radio`s new English schedule, mainly for Europe
*R. Slovakia International`s new English schedule; see website for
 a contest to win two weeks in a Slovakian spa: 
*Argentine pirate heard on 12 MHz band
*Bolivian reactivated, R. La Voz del Campesino, Sipe Sipe
*HCJB has demoted some programs to segments within Studio 9, including
 Ham Radio Today, Musica del Ecuador
*New Colombian station appeared out of nowhere on 7 MHz band, sounds
 like Idea Radio, all-music with two English and Spanish IDs per hour
 (recording at 1101 UT); frequency clashes with Moscu in evening
*R. Habana off the air as hurricane went thru; for protection?
*New DX program from USA, but in Portuguese from Voz Crista, Miami,
 via Chile to Brasil
*Fugitive Steve Anderson of United Patriot Radio still missing; Posse
 Comitatus website about to close down as webmaster going to work
 fulltime for Aryan Nation
*MW harmonics on 2 MHz band, from Georgia, New York, and New York
*In major TV markets, St. Louis, ABC affiliate quit doing news, due
 to very low ratings, poor UHF signal
*Why does auroral activity seem to peak in October and March? See 
*This World of Radio has been 1104; I`m Glenn Hauser, inviting you to
 hear me again next week                    ###