WORLD OF RADIO #1103, produced October 31, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Since the start of Standard Time, all our WOR times are one UT hour
 later except on RFPI, at the same Universal Times
*New WOR time on WWCR: Saturday 1230 UT on 15685
*RFPI about to revive 7445 kHz with highest power, new antenna, in
 0300-0700 UT period; reports will be wanted; keeping 15040 21 to 22
 hours per day, and 21815-USB daytime
*Congratulations to the Benelux DX Club, celebrating 40th anniversary
 November 5; see
*Encontro DX, Portuguese DX progrma on R. Aparecida, Brazil, marks
 15th anniversary November 1
*R. Cultural Amauta, Brazil, has 41st anniversary special UT Wed Nov 7
 0000-0100 on 4955
*R. Union, Peru, jumping around 6.3 MHz area, latest landing
*R. Nacional, Paraguay, settles on a split frequency close to nominal
*RAE, Argentina, now on two frequencies each for English broadcasts
*New times for shrunken DX Partyline on HCJB, included in
*HCJB has interference from BBC Albanian in the morning
*DXLD 1-158, 159 and 160 have reports on strike by workers at GBC,
 Guyana, never mentioning SW; check whether they are on, relaying?
*Caribbean stations keep moving off 830 kHz, the lastest R. Paradise,
 St. Kitts & Nevis; relays Trinity evenings; when to hear own shows
*RCI reception in Europe now a `disaster` with clashes, no relays
*Steve Anderson, United Patriot Radio, fugitive, told his listeners
 the story of Joe Patriot, then fulfilled it in shootout
*Check UPR`s former frequencies for possible activity
*Including spoof of UPR, United Patriot Militia Bingo Radio
*Complete confusion at Pacifica over firing of Executive Director
 Bessie Wash; see
*Proposals for replacing WTC with new broadcast tower for NYC, on
 Governor`s Island or Staten Island
*VOA mailroom contaminated by anthrax, hoped not to have spread
*New SW station on Kenai Peninsula, KACI visited last summer, but
 construction not going well, and no FCC permit
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1103 or fax 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; see our
 websites and where most info still resides
*R. Africa International, Methodist via Germany, new schedule
*Tigrean International Solidarity for Justice and Democracy, new
 clandestine via Germany
*V. of Nigeria has commissioned three new 250 kW SW transmitters at
 Ikorodu; but only one heard so far on 15 MHz
*DW`s English to British Isles moves one band down instead of up this
 winter; continuous English direct from Germany on 49m well heard
*DW back on 11m for at least one more winter, joining France
*NBFM broadcasts in French on 11m sounds like TV audio from France
*European VHF reception peaks after local sunrise in NAm, 32-36 MHz
*Spain`s new English schedule
*Portugal`s new 300 kW SW will serve Europe and Brazil, and two more
 planned by 2003
*BBC merging its news and info divisions, BBC WS, BBC World (TV),
 online services, and domestic BBC news; competitors unhappy
*BBCWS has 3-way clash with itself on one 6 MHz frequency
*Clashes which could have been avoided at A-01 and B-01 seasonal
 overlaps, such as Vietnam via Canada, BBC via Florida on same
 frequency for two hours
*BBC`s morning frequency from Antigua not getting good reviews
*Former Swiss Radio International listeners now hear Croatia on same
 frequency, along with a parallel
*R. Yugoslavia`s new English schedule; one clash with DW
*Romania`s winter frequencies include clash with Cuba
*Lithuania moves to 7 MHz for one English, 9 for the other
*Most R. Ukraine International transmitters off due to unpaid bills,
 except for one megawatt(?) which clashes with Gene Scott, Costa Rica
*Hunting for V. of Greece frequencies, some found; where`s English?
*New schedule for Macedonian station, Thessaloniki
*WRMI drops nightly relays of Israel, for Sunday afternoon only
*Iran`s new schedule in English has blanks maybe meaning 9022; the
 rest undated from website
*R. Tashkent has another English broadcast audible here
*US bombed old transmitters in Kabul Oct 26; Commando Solo confirmed
 on only one of three reported MW frequencies; Al Jazeera says C.S.
 laughed at and BBC, VOA no longer trusted
*New V. of Afghanistan to start soon from Feyzabad, Northern Alliance
*Plans to broadcast from Pakistan into Afghanistan, Baltic-based
*Bad Aibling base in Germany has new lease on life for Afghanistan
 operations; specualtion Commando Solo from Germany or Turkey
*Goonetilleke in Sri Lanka thinks 8070 is from the tropics, D.G.
*Report that aircraft are fed programming from Pakistan
*V. of Mongolia schedule shows only two English broadcasts now
*China`s ``massive invasion`` of new American-made transmitters,
 including 21 MHz band for first time
*Australian video buzz on 46 MHz heard in Illinois, England
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, October 30; flux range 205-180-240
*Concluding World of Radio 1103, I`m Glenn Hauser           ###