WORLD OF RADIO #1102, produced Oct. 24, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*On Sunday, Oct. 28 most SW broacasters change frequencies and/or
 times; see last few weeks of DX Listening Digests for new schedules
*Not all of our outlets have confirmed new times and frequencies yet
 but tentative timeshifted schedules for WOR, COM and MR are at
*WBCQ, WWCR, WRN, and our AM and FM outlets shift us one UT hour later
*WBCQ: UT Thursdays 0030 and 0515 on 7415
*WWCR: Thu 2130 15685, Fri 1030 9475, Sat 0300 3215, Sun 0330 5070,
 Sun 0730 3210, Mon 0100 3215, 0600 3210, Tue 1200 15685
*WRN: Sat 1500 to NAm, 0900 to elsewhere (tentatively)
*RFPI keeps us at same UT all year, but seems one hour earlier by
 local clock in areas going off DST; still awaiing revival of 7445
 with a new antenna; reports wanted for current 24h test on 15040
*DX Program list by John Norfolk updated frequently:
*BBC WS changes affecting North America are contradictory; Antigua
 changes in mornings from 17 to one or two 15 MHz
*Antigua`s 300 degree heading listed by Merlin actually crosses
 Miami, Crawford and Los Angeles, in reality to southern NAm!
*WYFR and Delano relays for ``Mexico`` leave 11 MHz for 9 and 6
*BBC decides to let Alistair Cooke continue Letters from America
*RVi Belgium new English schedule, all from relays
*R. France Internationale complete new schedule in English
*RDP International, Portugal orders new 300 kW SW transmitter and
 antennas for next year, from Thales, new conglomerate in France
 which has consumed many electronics firms
*Austrian Radio new B-01 schedule to North America
*R. Budapest, complete new English schedule
*R. Prague, English to North America again in morning, several times
 in evening and via WRMI one hour later
*R. Ukraine International new English schedule including which
 frequency carries the megmawatt
*R. Bulgaria complete new English schedule all in xxx00 kHz
*Azerbaijan has new website including audio streaming,
*V. of Turkey dedicating its Oct. 27 DX Corner to Gigi Lytle, who
 died about a year ago, Sat 2210 on 11845, but repeat could be at
 0310 on 9655 or 0410 on new 6020
*Thanks to Tom McLaughlin, in memoriam Gigi Lytle, for financial
 support to World of Radio 
*V. of Turkey English schedule, complete
*WOR 1102, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA:
 and website
*Israel Radio winter frequencies in English, including 6 instead of
 11 MHz from mid-December to end of February
*DX Listening Digest appearing almost every day, taxing my time and
 resources; refer to all recent issues for extensive coverage of
 the Afghanistan situation
*Pronouncing Tal`ban and Al Qa`ida with glottal stops
*Information Radio, the US PsyOps transmission on 8700-USB: missing
 occasionally, perhaps due to weather; speculation about its location;
 could be two separate sites morning and evening; CRW has evidence
 that it is Turkmenistan. Professionals and/or amateurs should have
 triangulated actual location by now
*Why strange frequency 8700? PsyOps may have relied on mistaken Afghan
 report last July showing 8700 instead of 7080 for V. of Shariah
*QSL address for Commando Solo: Lt. Edward E. Shank, 193rd Special
 Operations Wing, 81 Constellation Court, Middletown PA 17057; tapes
*Info Radio MW frequencies confirmed, but never reported by DXers;
 third airborne MW frequency is relaying VOA and RFE/RL
*Balkh Province MW outlet, only Taliban station, monitored by BBCM
*But report says Taliban have set up five temporary stations; and
 another report from Taliban claims 1 kW mobile transmitter on the
 air one hour per day in afternoons (no frequencies)
*For another perspective on this, differing from mainstream media,
 listen to Freespeech Radio News via RFPI, UT 0000, 0600 and 1200
*Cambodia reported reactivated on 11 MHz band
*RKI relays via Canada will be one hour not only during new evening
 broadcast, but morning too
*Five technicians fired from RCI Sackville site, making it more
 dangerous for those left, around high voltage, no buddy system; see --  And four RCI staff in Montreal
 reassigned to CBC Domestic
*Steve Anderson of UPR: see Loren Cox`s story in DXLD 1-154; police
 car he allegedly tried to cut in half with gunfire held offduty cop`s
 girlfriend who was injured; $5000 reward
*Rush Limbaugh accuses liberals of infecting selves with anthrax;
 where`s the outrage against him?
*Iowa City X-bander heard on 4th harmonic clashing with Pyongyang
*V. of Nigeria heard erratically on 15 MHz outlet
*Mauritania has been running all night on 60m, even before Ramadan
*Channel Africa, South Africa, complete new English schedule
*LRA36, Antarctica, still on air, per report from Russia
*Colombian broadcaster studio-transmitter links on 300 MHz relayed
 to Europe by mistake 50 MHz lower over US military Fleetcom
*RFPI invites participants to four 10-week study courses in Costa
 Rica, starting January 6; details at
*And RFPI does interactive workshops on racism in the media at
 North American universities, community groups
*R. Miskut, Nicaragua, still low power on SW, but also has X-bander
*Australian media site refers to Christian Voice instead as ``Voice
*Grove Enterprises says SW receiver sales have doubled or tripled
*Universal also selling more, and Ten-Tec RX-350 coming in December
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct. 23; flux range 220-170-245
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding with a Standard disclaimer, World of
 Radio 1102                                      ###