WORLD OF RADIO #1101, produced October 17, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Jonathan Shier, ABC Managing Director loses confidence of ABC
 Board in Australia, but refuses to resign
*V. of the Lord, Philippines via Germany, moving from 15 to 9 MHz
*Earth One, long-planned new SW service appears in B-01 Merlin sked
 via Singapore, but don`t hold your breath
*V. of Indonesia, English hour audible in eastern North America
*V. of Vietnam via Canada moving from 9 MHz to ex-BBC 6 MHz channel
*R. Thailand`s new English schedule from October 28 = B-01
*R. Nepal active on 7 MHz only, including English news
*R. Korea Int`l new evening relay at last via Canada on 9 MHz band
*RKI expands webcast schedule, retimes and adds English hours
*Arirang TV launching NAm service from Korea via Echostar Dish network
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English frequencies
*R. Bangladesh schedule from Oct 29 shows expanded English
*R. Pakistan, Peshawar has new broadcast to Afghanistan, MW and SW
*PTV English TV news available from
*Coverage maps available for stations in Finland, Norway, and also
 R. Pakistan in English:
 and R. Oman:
*R. Baghdad monitored in English and Arabic
*Kurdish clandestine monitoring reveals new communist stations:
 V. of Kudilara a.k.a. V. of Komala and R. Azadi Kurdistana Irana,
 one pro-Soviet, another pro-Maoist
*V. of Shariah, Kabul still off the air, but Taliban MW station in
 Balkh province still on the air and monitored; lyrics of Uzbek ode
 to Afghanistan
*The midpoint of WOR 1101; or P O Box 1684, Enid
 OK 73702 USA: and under construction
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Bill Flynn
*Standard disclaimer
*New FM station in northern Afghanistan, R. Solh
*Commando Solo, US psychological operations broadcasts to Afghanistan
 from aircraft, heard all over world on 8700-USB, probably feed from
 nearby US base to aircraft for relay. Recording by Wolfgang Bueschel
*TV news report shows a SW frequency on a Taliban transceiver
*Kabul airport frequencies, active and inactive
*More background on the history of broadcasting in Afghanistan on
 current AWR Wavescans 354, 355, 356, via and
 transcripts in DX Listening Digest
*Uruguay MW station R. Montecarlo heard with USB relay on 22 MHz band
*Radio P-1, Brazilian pirate heard on 7 MHz
*Terrorist center in Brazil reported operating clandestine 2-way
 station contacting Mideast
*Russia closing down its electronic spy base in Lourdes, Cuba
*Armchair quality jazz in the morning from R. Educacion, Mexico
*Steve Anderson of United Patriot Radio shoots at police, flees to
 the Kentucky mountains; extensive coverage in DXLD 1-149, 150, 151
*Exceptional new pirate Radio Forty, professional quality and good
*Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air Oct 20-21, QSY on 7 MHz avoiding AM
*RCI B-01 schedule on website; feature schedule lineup inferred
*Europeans feel abandoned by RCI, moving 5 MHz from Sweden back to
 Canada; ``they sneak away hoping nobody will notice`` but also via
*Swiss Radio International about to drop broadcasts to Europe and
 North America after Oct. 27; then try S. American service in English
*Czech Republic increasingly jittery about threat of terrorism to
 RFE/RL building in downtown Prague; may move to outskirts
*Polish Radio starting R. Parliament on longwave in daytime
*R. Ukraine International missing from high-power 12 MHz frequency
*So much more to report, especially winter schedules for many stations
 will surely be included next week
*Good opening from Europe to Tennessee on VHF low-band above 30 MHz
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 16; flux range 230-170
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1101              ###