WORLD OF RADIO #1100, produced October 10, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*The eleven hundredth World of Radio, not counting extras and doubles,
 2+ years since our one thousandth. Thanks to those congratulating
*Celebrating by introducing our new website, or even
 storing our larger audio files at first, so our original will continue as well
* made possible by a generous grant from Clayton
*Our new monthly Spanish DX report Mundo Radial starts Oct 12 on WWCR;
 script and audio also on our website; see
*No scripts for World of Radio
*Acceding to demand, our new page on monitoring SWBC from Afghanistan
 and vicinity, for North American monitors updated as necessary:
*Terrorist attacks spurring scanner and shortwave radio sales
*VOA increased broadcasts to Afghanistan again Oct 7
*DXLD 1-145 has schedule of VOA and R. Liberty specials to there
*WWFV announces suspension of daylight broadcasts Oct 23 for repairs
 and move of some transmitters to WWCV
*EWTN (and WEWN) survival in doubt since Catholics are not generous
 tithers and M. Angelica is ill
*WWCR uninterested in webcasting, but some programs produced there
 may be heard via WRVU Nashville: Ken Berryhill, Keen on Jazz, at
*See all the recent issues of DX Listening Digest for news in depth
 on broadcasting aspects of the Afghanistan situation
*Taliban`s Voice of Shariah knocked off the air October 8
*Psychological operations from US planes, ``Commando Solo``, no
 frequencies given, but probably on or near missing Taliban channels;
 with 10 kW, DXable elsewhere, so reports are wanted
*Besides food packets, windup radios also being airdropped
*Calls in US Congress to restart R. Free Afghanistan, despite VOA, RL
*New unnamed exile station in the works for national reconciliation
*R. Damascus, Syria, tends to be overlooked, but has two hour-long
 English broadcasts (recording; 6 seconds of dead air removed)
*R. Tajikistan has opened website, spelt with O`s: in Tajik with Cyrillic alphabet
*Quetta, Pakistan, has 5 MHz frequency
*V. of Freedom of Jammu & Kashmir monitored including English,
 from Pakistani transmitter
*Don`t You Believe, All India Radio`s own website, which has some
 wrong times in IST instead of UT for GOS in English
*The non-commercial, non-corporate, non-government, non-communist,
 non-religious media magazine, World of Radio 1100; addresses: or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*New schedule for Radio Banaadir, Somalia, until local midnight
*Daughter of Ethiopia`s new leader runs clandestine V. of Democratic
 Path of Ethiopian Unity
*V. of Nigeria external service revival plans by early next year
*Eurosonor Radio last-minute frequency change via Bulgaria
*B-01 frequency season starts October 28; R. Sweden to North America
*New site for news in English, from ORT, Russian public TV;
*Tom McNiff recommends British over American news coverage: and
*BBC World Service asking for 3 megapounds more to cover war on
*October, the anniversary of cancellation of Media Network; Jonathan
 Marks is back on air Oct 11 for special on 40th annviversary of
 RN`s own building
*RTBF to continue using SW from Belgium itself, but not RVi
*Same price gets 500 kW from Merlin, 100 kW from Juelich
*Some SW stations only work four days a week, delaying Friday news
 until Monday: Sweden, Belgium; so listen to Switzerland
*France again heard well on 11 meters
*R. Austria International to stay on the air another year despite
 ORF budget cuts, thanks to listener support
*DST in Brazil starts October 14, helpful for morning DX on tropical
 bands, UT minus 2 until February 17
*HCJB reducing length of programs, such as DX Partyline from 50 to
 30 minutes; and no more news on weekends
*RN Bonaire harmonic heard on 43 MHz
*Puerto Rican arrested for spying for Cuba: affidavit of charges
 against her:
 and the numbers frequency she was monitoring from Cuba
*Thomas Jefferson Hour station last week URL was wrong; really
*KPFA, Pacifica in Berkeley, may have to close in a month, since
 Pacifica HQ is keeping all donations for legal bills; see
*KVMR, Nevada City, CA, broadcasting BBCWS news hourly since Sept 11
*KKOB, Albuquerque heard on 25 MHz band; KTKA, Topeka on 26
*The season for tracking migrating burrowing owls from Saskatchewan
 to Texas on 172 MHz band; DXLD 1-140,
*Nets to You at
*XM Satellite Radio is also webcasting some programs: and a comparison with Sirius is at
*CFRX Toronto back on 6 MHz after an absence
*RCI resuming weekend news later in month; but integration into a
 subsidiary of CBC French domestic service continues. Four new
 thematic programs start this weekend on RCI
*Q&A with Digital Radio Mondiale in DXLD 1-135
*A grand old man of SW, Roger Legge, died a sesquiyear ago
*Hank Bennett, of WPE fame, alive and well
*Auroral conditions expected Oct 11
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, issued October 9; flux range 165-
*From Glenn Hauser concluding Number 1100   ###