WORLD OF RADIO #1099, produced October 3 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI plans change from 15050 to 15045 Oct 8; until then, 15045 in
 morning, 15050 elsewhen; 7445 also off for antenna upgrade;
 affects many broadcasts of WOR and COM
*WOR transmitted from Sackville, WRN feed by mistake, and RVi too
*New Zealand begins daylight shifting Oct. 7; new RNZI schedule
*V. of Indonesia, English, well heard in Wisconsin
*House commission rejects plan to privatize RRI, TVRI, Antara
*Macao radio station on FM in Cantonese, also webcast via
*DXLD 1-135: China temporarily unblocks some major American news
 websites, but not for long
*Chengde, China, radio website admits a jammer among its assets:
*V. of Mongolia said to provide daily English audio on web
*Democratic Voice of Burma, clandestine from Norway, changes a
 Madagascar frequency
*Tips for hearing All India Radio in North America
 or on the net via
*V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, SW recordings in English, Arabic
*Lots more about monitoring Afghanistan and non in almost every
 recent issue of DX Listening Digest
*Tiny TV station broadcasts in defiance of Taliban rules; China
 supplying Northern Alliance two shortwave transmitters
*Taliban HQ installs satellite TV reception dishes for own use
*Iran`s English broadcasts stored a week on their website at 8 kbps
*And one included an interview with an American anti-Semitic
 ''professor'' Dr. Edward R. Fields (recording)
*Iranian transmitter on 15 MHz produces strong symmetrical spurs
*Iran also broadcasts Palestine clandestines, V. of Islamic
 Palestine; V. of Palestine, V. of Palestinian Islamic Revolution,
 on MW as well as SW
*Israel`s English schedule, valid a few more weeks
*Standard disclaimer
*World of Radio 1099, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702, USA; by fax if really necessary, marked Attention: Hauser;
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Gerald T. Pollard
*Jordan off summer time four days after Israel; English one hour later
*Syrian SW quite unreliable, and poor audio; schedule
*R. Baghdad, Iraq on another new frequency ending in ---7, as decreed
*Sign-on times for four Kurdish/Iraqi clandestines
*Kamo relay site in Armenia should be called Gavar, since town renamed
*R. Bulgaria changes a frequency, affecting English to Europe
*Bulgaria confirmed site for Germany`s Eurosonor Radio, new schedule
*Mixing product between MW and SW produces strange out-of-band
 frequency from Croatia
*Ukraine would like to use frequency below 9.4 MHz again this winter
 but some receivers won`t tune it
*New V. of Russia schedule, some of the English frequencies
*R. Netherlands B-01 schedule posted; moving eastern North America
 morning broadcast via Canada one hour later by UT, not the western
*BBCWS has weekly program of Afghan music on Fridays
*Two more opposition radios for Ethiopia: Dejen Radio, replacing V.
 of Tigrayans from North America; and R. Solidarity
*Five Somali SW stations currently monitored active; R. Baidoa;
 R. Gaalkacyo; R. Mogadishu; R. Hargeisa; R. Banaadir
*Central African Republic heard on 6 MHz band with strong signal
*Guinea-Bissau has started website with audio:
*HCJB`s B-01 schedule shows realignment of English broadcasts
*Mexico City has gone off DST already, so XERMX English one hour later
*Dispatches from CBC Radio expanded to one hour; recommended. A
 problem for RCI to carry all, but hear it on the web
*Meeting with CBC and RCI leaders indicates RCI still in trouble;
 write to CBC Board of Directors:
*Thomas Jefferson Hour now webcast via Norfolk`s WHRV [not at
 as I said, but: ]
*No more new Chicago Symphony Orchestra broadcasts, out of funding
*New VOA Director chosen by Bush: Robert R. Reilly
*FCC website has B-01 schedules for private US SW broadcasters; no
 mention oif WWFV or WWCV, just WGTG; WMLK with higher power
*Propagation wild lately, K=7 this week; outlook from Boulder Oct. 2:
 flux range 180-270
*World of Radio 1099; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me every week
 on this and other stations                     ###