WORLD OF RADIO #1098, produced Sept. 26, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*A bit late this month, but a new Continent of Media, 01-09 starts
 the last Friday in Sept on RFPI, subsequently at and now
 via our website:
*Last week we added a second upload of WOR 1097 to our site, smaller
 file, lower audio quality; Comments?
*World Radio Network starts Telstar 5 Ku-band DVB digital satellite
 to North America Oct 1, duplicating Galaxy 5 C-band for 3 months only
*For much more:
*More reports of (non) reception of V. of Shariah, Afghanistan on SW;
 monitored schedule; little info about provincial stations; Takhar
 radio, of Northern Alliance used to be on 7 MHz
*Major broadcasters have expanded Pashto, Dari: BBC WS, RFI, VOA, DW,
*News by loudspeaker in Northern Alliance area; one service on
*BBC WS self-promotion as only source of news for Afghans
*Air National Guard 193rd Special Operations Wing in Pennsylvania
 mobilized again, for psywar airborne broadcasts to Afghanistan with
 tapes from PsyOps, Fort Bragg, NC; expected tactics
*Clandestine Radio Watch wants recordings of English broadcasts from
 V. of Shariah, for historical archive
*Media Network has a brief recording on site as an example
*Saudi Arabian radio expands to 24 hours
*Besides 5-minute English newscast from Pakistan, there is a 15-minute
 one at 1600; frequencies
*BBC adds a MW frequency to Mideast, without specifying site; we know
 it`s Abu Dhabi; frequency clashes with another relay site in Armenia
*Nice gesture from Kuwaiti hams: special call for all, 9K2USA
*Israel has gone off summer time, so English one UT hour later; all
 broadcasts silent for Yom Kippur until 1700 UT Sept 27
*R. Netherlands has standby schedule of expanded Dutch should forces
 be involved in hostilities
*R. France International reported to have greatly increased profit;
 from what? Hardly sells ads or dish subscriptions
*UKE-Senderen, Norway, student special on 41m may start tests Oct 1
 and 24 hours from Oct 11; see
*Radio Ezra back for a new run the last quarter, via Vladivostok to
*The non-commercial, non-government, non-communist, non-religious,
 non-musical DX program, World of Radio, 1098;
 or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Much needed comic relief: parody site of BBC news:
*Last week`s item on UN Radio in Congo DR confirmed by UN in Nairobi
 but says eleven stations instead of six
*100 kW shortwave transmitter has arrived in Kinshasa after 21-year
 wait! (no relation to UN plans?)
*Kenya off shortwave because did not pay electricity bills
*Kaduna, Nigeria regional heard on 7 as well as 4 MHz; and the latter
 runs late for football, expected again Thursday Sept 27
*V. of Nigeria keeps promoting refurbished external service, on 15
 and 11 MHz as well as 7, but we are not hearing it. A vague report
 from Brazil for 15, however
*R. Ghana putting lots of spurs on 90m, every plus/minus 80.3 kHz
*With extremely high solar flux, check for Argentine feeder on 29 MHz
*Brazil about to start summer time Oct 14, UT minus 2 along the coast
*New Peruvian, R. Americana, on 5 MHz outofband
*La Voz del Upano, Ecuador, briefly back on 3 MHz
*Dominican Republic X-bander was heard in Finland, testing in April;
 relayed R. Taina, but is actually R. Planeta
*Special anniversary show of Mexican music on XERMX, Friday Sept 28
 at 1900 local, which should be UT Sat 0000, not 0100 as reported
*La Voz de la Fundacion has quit SW via WHRI and WRMI; WRMI looking
 for replacement soon and will revise sked portfolio:
*Senior analyst Ana Belen Montes at DIA arrested for spying for Cuba;
 communicated via SW numbers stations: see DXLD 1-132
*WRMI new schedule shows WRN for an hour on Sundays; Jeff says it`s
 VOA Communications World, and RVI
*Big flap at VOA over interview with Taliban leader, nixed by State
 Department; but eventually aired in defiance of State
*AIR T`puram, India, on 5 MHz, operates local mornings only
*Laos seems to have resumed external service on 7 MHz instead of 6
*Very unusual propagation at 0930: Australia to Tennessee on both
 13 and 120m
*Sept 30 is deadline for returning surveys to WWV
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 25: major storm, and very
 high flux range all above 200: 270-220-270
*Apologies if I have been a bit disjointed this week; check our
 website for much more organized info in DXLD as above or via
 *Our address: P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA;
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1098   ###