WORLD OF RADIO #1097, produced September 19, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*We concentrate on some items relating to the attack on NY and
 Washington you may not have heard about, and refer you to the past
 week`s DX Listening Digests 1-125 to 1-130 and onward for much more
 info at
*Special issues of HF Radio Internet newsletter on this subject from
*British ham was monitoring NYC 10-meter repeater as attack happened
*Almost daily updates in DXLD on NY TV and FM stations returning
 from backup sites
*Some hams and TV station engineers were lost in the WTC attack
*See last week for Grove`s attack frequency list site
*Well-known USAF HF channels
*AFRTS USB relays increasing activity, reactivated frequency;
 including Diego Garcia, no longer being decommissioned
*Pres. Bush says ``crusade``, leading to misinterpretation into
 Arabic, with two different words, overreaction
*Some ABC-owned radio stations have resumed internet streaming
 says including and
*DXLD 1-130 includes introspective item about how sensational
 journalists should be in covering the disaster, and
*Discussion of not activating and not testing Emergency Activation
*Clear Channel employees draw up list of too-sensitive songs to be
 supressed; see DXLD 1-130, and 
*US based opposition Azadi Afghan is active at and via stations in DC, Bay Area
*Monitoring of V. of Shar`iah, Afghanistan on 7 MHz including English
*Also audible on MW in Eurasia
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan on almost same 7 MHz frequency, confusing
*Main Taliban websites disabled, but official Afghanistan site is with nothing in English
*R. Pakistan`s English broadcasts on SW,
*Pakistan Observer:
*Iran`s World Service website in English has link to BBC TV report 
*Iran`s best times and frequencies here
*John Figliozzi has been monitoring content of English newscasts
 from Egypt, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE; see DXLDs
*Dubai continues running anti-Zionist history feature
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1097; our
 address, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Israel changed from 21 to 17 MHz Sept 1; end of summer time Sept 24
 shifts all broadcasts one UT hour later
*Morning Israeli news is from External Service, evening from domestic
 network, with different crafting
*WRMI starts temporary relay of Israel in prime time; delayed from
 1900 UT?
*UN Radio setting up Peacekeeping radio network in six Congo DR
 cities, including SW at Kinshasa HQ; see DXLD 1-129
*R. Nacional Angola again heard on 25 meters
*V. of Tigrayans in North America continues on WWCR after Thursday`s
 WOR, along with new Saturday broadcast via Russia?
*BBC suddenly changed IP address to:
*Government approves 5 additional BBC digital radio networks, but
 not BBC-3 TV
*BBC announces plans for new state of the art centre at White City,
*BBC TV Newsnight carried evenings on C-SPAN network, while the other
 has been carrying CBC`s The National
*New chairman of BBC chosen: Gavyn Davies, Labour economist
*Maps showing reception quality worldwide of YLE R. Finland, DXLD
 1-130: September:
*V. of Russia new frequency to northern Europe
*V. of Orthodoxy, via Kazakhstan schedule two days a week
*R. Omegapolis, Crimea, heard relayed on 17 MHz maritime band
*Panel absolves Vatican Radio of causing leukemia from Sta. Maria di
 Galeria site
*Guangxi Foreign Radio Station, China, schedule to Vietnam
*V. of Khmer Kampuchea Krom schedule, website:
*Vanuatu heard in the European morning on 7 MHz
*Solomon Islands on 5 MHz signed off, but stayed on with BBCWS
*R. Australia trying different 21 MHz frequency this weekend
*RFPI has been broadcasting Amy Goodman`s Democracy Now in Exile,
 from ground zero in NY; ad-hoc, times varying
*Tijuana MW station XEJAZZ reverts to classical format, XEBACH?
*Dominican Republic Indotel website
 lists AM and FM but not SW stations, including a not yet heard
 X-bander, Circuito Telesonido, SA, San Francisco de Macoris
*KUNI, public radio in Iowa has beautiful coverage maps on site KUNI has something for everybody
 so check out their schedule and webcast
*Source and cost of such maps, but not so accurate
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept 18; flux range 190-240-200
*Remember the WOR website
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1097    ###