WORLD OF RADIO #1096, produced September 12, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Why do they hate us so? ... What a waste of lives
*VOA Communications World has been collecting lots of audio clips
 from the very first minutes of the tragedy
*Thanks to all our friends around the world who sent condolences,
 either in general or directly to us
*Most New York TV stations knocked off air; some came back on other
 channels; only WCBS still had transmitter on Empire State Building
*Became obvious which cable companies owned by others, as many
 relayed CBS or ABC; HSN carried Newsworld; TLC carried BBC World
*Nice to have major networks on additional cable channels, as local
 affiliates kept cutting away for local coverage
*We hardly turned on SW for this
*Hard to keep internet connexion going from BBC, but Mark Byford
 could not be persuaded to resume SW; in all-news mode for now
*Special edition of Talking Point on BBCWS Thursday at 1800 [NOT
 1600 as first reported)
*VOA also in all-news mode, instead of Border Crossings, etc.
*R. Netherlands with rolling news special via
*Pop Comm sent mailing list out-of-date times and frequencies for
 English SW broadcasts from Mideast
*R. Iraq International, when to monitor in English, but frustrating
*ARRL has lots of emergency ham radio info:
*Grove enterprises has dynamic website with active frequencies:
*Earlier, FBI denied bias as terrorism raid [temporarily] shut Arabic
 websites at Texas based InfoCom, which hosted Arab World`s leading
 independent news channel, Qatar`s Al-Jazeera, and Al-Sharq newspaper
*Israeli TV channel about to be added to EchoStar for US viewers
*WWCR updated specialty program listing,
 including Into the Blue
*Johnny Lightning extols SW on WBCQ, but trying to secure space on
 satellite radio, the future; see DXLD 1-124
*Sept 15-16 special ham event, replica of Karl Jansky`s first
 radio telescope antenna, W9GFZ, 21320v
*EWTN trying to set up illegal translator network in Wisconsin,
 disguised as local lowpower FM, blanketing the dial
*CHNX, Nova Scotia, transmitter died, and no budget to resume
*Defective RCI transmitters at Sackville provide new frequencies
 instead, mixing product between 15 and 17 MHz on 20 MHz
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1096,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or Check
 our website for lots of additional info,
*We have a new MW affiliate in Europe, Radio Studio X, between
 Florence and Bologna on 1584 kHz, should be heard widely, plus FM
 in Tuscany, UT Fridays 2230; see
*Tip for Rational Living: including Deepak
*Brazilian 120m frequency has MW harmonics from Brazil, Radio Mineira
 do Sul, and from Argentina, LRA15, Radio Nacional San Miguel de
*R. Union, Peru, continues varying, around 6.35 MHz
*Rdif. Nacional, Colombia in very sad state: many MW off the air,
 SW off for a sesquimonth; and wants to quit high school courses,
 close down MW network:
*Venezuelan timesignal YVTO trying two frequencies off 5000 kHz
*Our good friends at Radio for Peace International, Costa Rica, 14th
 annual Fiesta, UT Mon Sept 17 0000-0400; special QSL, door prizes
 to callers; 7445, 15049, maybe 21815-USB
*RFPI has lots of interference in mornings from China/Taiwan 15050
*La Voz de Nahuala, Guatemala, heard not only on 2nd harmonic but 3rd
*One of the PNG stations reported off last week, is heard but weak
 and intermittent, R. Southern Highlands
*`KBBN` gospel SW planned for PNG has raised 30% of transmitter cost;
 carrier already heard on planned frequency, but likely a utility
*FEBC hopes to turn Cambodians into Christians with authorization of
 50 kW MW transmitters within country
*R. Taibei International now repeats evening English in following
 hour, not 25 hours later; program more appealing to youth, but still
 old favorite Jade Bells and Bamboo Pipes
*V. of Tibet complains of heavy Chinese jamming; schedule. See
*Confusion lately between two SW sites in UAE; the one relaying lots
 of other foreign broadcasters for Merlin is Abu Dhabi, not Dubai,
 127 km away
*English service from R. Tajikistan finally reconfirmed on tenth
 anniversary of independence
*Be careful on 6985: Jordan spur; V. of Freedom and Renewal,
 clandestine for Sudan, with E-mail QSL, schedule; and R. Galcaio,
 Puntland, reactivated from Somalia
*Lots of reports of new V. of Biafra International; recording shows
 address is 733 15 St NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005, not as
 given last week; see almost all recent DX Listening Digests
*Site for new R. Ghana webcast corrected from last week: but you have to register
*R. Chad heard again on 6 MHz
*RTNC, DR Congo, getting new 100 kW SW transmitter
*BBC relays on 11835 in our evenings reconfirmed as Delano after
 0300, WYFR before that hour
*Northern Star about to start English longwave service from Norway
 with 1200 kW; needs observations already of co- and adjacent-channel
 interference. Website under construction:
 Isle of Man broadcasting owns 10 percent
*Another new Norwegian LW already on: 
*R. Chechnya Svobodna has great LW signal in England nightly
*No propagation outlook this week; Boulder late with new info
*My condolences and best wishes to everyone affected directly or
 indirectly by the terrorist attack on America
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1096        ###