WORLD OF RADIO #1095, produced September 5, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*At least three versions of our latest schedules and much more at including the new Sept
 edition of Nets to You, adding nets2you.html and extensive file
 of DX Listening Digests, with much more detail on many but not all
 the stories mentioned here on WOR
*Mozambqique, Malawi inactive on SW
*R. Tanzania on two 5 MHz frequencies; Zanzibar on 6 MHz mornings only
*None of Kenya`s SW frequencies currently heard by Chris Greenway
 there, tho one now reported from Germany
*V. of Tigrayans from North America
 starting new transmission this Saturday, from Russia? Was on WWCR
*New Eritrean opposition website, along with
*V. of Hope QSL designed by NY DXer`s wife, clandestine to Sudan;
 reports with $ or IRC to Jane Namadi, R. Voice of Hope, P.O. Box
 33829, Kampala, Uganda
*Sudan heard on new MW frequency; is it a harmonic of a lower one?
*V. of Africa, Libya, heard with new language, Hausa
*Central African Republic still plans to resume SW, with new
 transmitter next year
*Congo DR stations confirmed active: Candip, Bukavu
*Burundi`s reactivated SW frequency is slightly off, erratic, and
*R. Rwanda adds webcast via
*R. Ghana to webcast via [sic -- does not work]
*V. of Biafra International, clandestine, heard in Europe and South
 America, but not Oklahoma; next weekly broadcast this Saturday moves
 5 kHz up; Russian site believed. has
 feedback form, and address monitored:
 733 15th (or 16th?) St., NW, 3700, Washington, DC 20005, USA; e-QSL
*Off air recordings of Wolfman Jack on XERF, et al.:
*Nicaraguan TV DXed on Cape Cod last year by double-hop sporadic E
*La Voz del Guaviare, Colombia, had fine romantic songs of 60s
*Banda Oriental, Uruguay, getting reports from Europe, USA; 28th
 anniversary Sept. 7
*Argentina confused over whether Antarctic bases will be closed, so
 LRA-36 in limbo; GIB thinks it may stay till early next year
*With a Standard Disclaimer, you have heard one half of WOR 1095; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*New spring schedule for RNZI
*Four PNG Highland stations reported off for technical, financial
 problems: 3275, 3355, 3375, 3395; 2410 still on
*New Pacific Asian Log of all known MW, LW stations from Afghanistan
 to Alaska, free PDF via thanks Bruce Portzer
*Adrian Peterson visited Sabah, see DXLD 1-118, including 5020.4 unID
*Singapore and Malaysia get independent news on FM from Indonesia
*V. of Khmer Krom changes frequency; Que Huong not on former
 frequency; and High Adventure`s New Horizon via Palau, Chan Troi Moi
*R. Taibei International hints it may face cuts; government needs to
 know if anyone be listening
*RCI issues revised schedule of relays via Sackville, including CRI
 changes of English hours from morning to evening
*Abu Dhabi relay site used more and more as backup, now by R. Japan
*Other UAE station renamed ``Emirates Radio from Dubai``
*R. Baghdad off-frequency heard 200.0 kHz higher
*Al-Quds Radio, anti-Arafat Palestinian, closes down MW frequencies
*V. of Turkey drops one English, refrequencies another to NAm
*Ukraine remains on 12 MHz [still megawatt?]
*Best new V. of Russia frequencies, afternoons and evenings in NAm
*R. Gardarika, St. Pete, excellent in England on new frequency
*RVi, Belgium, closing down its own Wavre site at Octoberend, but
 will continue SW via elsewhere, such as Russia, Germany
*CKCX confirmed as onetime call of 15190
*CBC programs begin new season, including Quirks & Quarks, about time
*Steve Anderson, United Patriot Radio, said he was quitting his
 militia hour, but we doubt it
*UPR subject of Far Right Radio Review this week on RFPI, and already
 archived at
*Man behind Sirius Satellite Radio plans to emigrate to Israel; see:¤t_row=1&start_row=1&num_rows=1
*World For Christ Radio plans 500 kW from USA to Latin America; WFCR
 calls already in use by Massachusetts public radio station. See
*The Powells have thrown in the towel: WJCR sold to Louisville`s
 Evangel Tabernacle
*World Beacon, back on UAE site, and South Africa
*World Radio TV Handbook 2002 to get the update it has desperately
 needed, and delay printing to include winter schedules
*New book about radio stations getting rave reviews, by Fi Glover:
 I`m an Oil Tanker, Travels with My Radio; see DXLD 1-119
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, September 4; flux range 190-160-190
*So concludes antoher WOR, 1095; Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to
 listen again next week, and check our website,          ###