WORLD OF RADIO #1094, produced August 29, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Get-well quick wishes to Allan Weiner, WBCQ, who had cancer surgery;
 says he is doing fine
*WEVD, New York, becomes ESPN outlet for Disney, Sept 1
*WNYE, New York, losing foreign-language and BBC relays, but some
 think it will improve under management of WNYC; see DXLD 1-116
*Personal Public Radio abandoned by KOSU, along with side-streams of
 other music formats; was an obstacle and too commercial
*Sackville using up to eleven frequencies at once for RCI and relays,
 so must not have trashed an old transmitter
*CRTC license renewal of RCI Sackville until 2008 is referred to as
 CKCX, so RCI has a never-used callsign
*BBC Radio 4 has tribute to Douglas Adams, replay of Hitchhiker`s
 Guide to the Galaxy series; and best comedy program Dead Ringers
*BBC decides it would be logistically impossible to charge web user
*Ralph Brandi`s (im)pertinent comments on BBC WS finances
*Dutch pirate R. Enterprise/Bandonica heard in Pacific Northeast
*MW DRM digital test in Berlin from one transmitter spoils 162 kHz
*Ostankino broadcast tower in Moscow still far from repaired after
 fire a year ago; maybe by 2004
*V. of Russia confident of its future; has new Commonwealth service
 for former Soviet republics; SW can`t be cut off like Mayak, tho
 could be jammed like VOA
*Vatican complying with Italian RF radiation regulations, including
 MW via France to Germany
*Portugal`s national radio stations required to go 24 hours
*Big pirate radio expansion in Greece above MW into SW; Yugoslavia too
*Turkey cancels its great music frequency to North America, 9445
*V. of the Free Socialist Iranian Kurdistan, Radio Liberty; and Radio
 Kurdistan monitored
*Arutz Sheva, Channel 7 in Israel heard back on MW
*Reshet Dalet, Israel in Arabic frequency change; summer time to end
 Sept 24, latening all its SW broadcasts
*The middle of WOR 1094; thanks this week for financial support go to
 Bruce Berr; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
*Our UT Mon 0000 on WWCR is now scheduled on 3215 instead of 9475
*Latest Spanish DX report is not on the WOR site but linked from there
*Continent of Media 01-08 now available at
*KRVM 1280 Eugene OR no longer carries WRN 7/24, nor WOR
*WRN satellite info for European listeners, including WOR Sat 0800 UT;
 see DXLD 1-115 or our website
*English from UAE Radio Dubai is still heard at 0330, contrary to 1093
*Taleban website hacked and no longer available:
*R. Voice of Shariyah, Kabul, changes morning schedule again
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, new English frequency
*CRI new relay frequencies at 0100: one is Cuba shifted 10 kHz; the
 other a new time for CRI via Canada
*Laos again using 7 MHz, perhaps into evening and DXable
*Website with some info on Dusit Palace Station, Bangkok, Or Sor:
*V. of Malaysia monitored in English including 3 hours V. of Islam
*R. Kuwait`s Tagalog program R. Pinoy as heard in Philippines
*V. of the Lord, Philippines via Germany, from KAF = Kol Adonai
 Foundation; see DXLD 1-116 i.a.
*Rumors of another strike this weekend at R. New Zealand; BBC relay
 fill not extended to SW
*R. Baidoa, Somalia, reactivated on 6 MHz, mostly in local language
*V. of Africa, Libya, on two parallel frequencies, both with a lot of
 co-channel from Sa'udi Arabia, Jordan, China, Russia, Okeechobee
*V. of Biafra International starts weekly broadcasts Sat. Sept. 1;
*R. St. Helena E-mail says QSLs still be prepared;
*LRA36 Antarctica still heard in Europe; about to close down
*Schedules of four active Uruguay SW stations
*R. Imperio, Peru heard on 8 MHz harmonic; R. Tropicana, Ecuador on
 5 MHz, 4th harmonic of MW
*Live interview with R. Moscow`s Joe Adamov, Aug 31 at 1400 UT,
*Radio Shack discounting DX-398 during September to $150, the clone
 of Sangean ATS-909; info about it:
*Becker Mexico SW car radio discontinued and disappearing; see LeRoy
 Long`s comments:
*URL change for David Kernick`s site:
*PDF version of VHF-UHF Digest available free at {NOTE CHANGE}:
*Sweepers interfere with other SW signals, studying ocean currents and
 waves; operators and FCC don`t care [a.k.a. windshield wipers]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 28; flux range 205-150-175
*You`ve been listening to World of Radio #1094
*With a standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to hear
 me again, next week                             ###