WORLD OF RADIO #1092, produced August 15, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*New August edition of Continent of Media 01-08 starts Aug 17 on RFPI;
 also via and linked from our website
 (SUMMARY when available)
*New Mundo Radial starts Aug 17 on WWCR, Fri 2114 on 15685
*DXers Calling provides WOR, Marie Lamb and Paul Ormandy in rotation: and also ham Q-News; see DXLD 1-107
*New high-power transmitters being shipped to China, Greece
*Mexican DX Meeting report on Viva Miami, WRMI, Aug 19-22
*WBCQ ship project delayed for fund raising; R. Caroline relay starts
 Aug. 16 on 7, not 17 MHz; which BBCWS programmes should WBCQ relay?
*Tigray exiles in Indiana try broadcasting via WWCR to Ethiopia; see for background in English, audio
*Radio UNMEE broadcasts to Ethiopia, Eritrea
*Monitoring Somalia from Kenya; few SW stations active. See DXLD 1-106
 and various station websites:
*R. Mogadishu heard in UK; and R. Omdurman, Sudan, not in evenings
*R. Burundi`s reactivated SW still not heard; mostly blocked
*V. of Africa, Libya, back on 17 MHz instead of 15; address heard by
 Mocanu, Cumbre DX:
*Sporadic English from Algeria heard again
*NPR Weekend Edition Saturday had 17-minute report from Sealand:
*David Dimbleby leading applicant to head BBC, but opposed by unions
*BBC Learning English no longer on SW to Europe, but MW
*Film on the web of early 1938 trans-Atlantic TVDX from London to
 New York:
*David Hodgson, Nashville, DXed QRP test from R. Borderhunter,
 Belgian pirate on 15 MHz, down to 1/10 watt; congratulations
*Standard disclaimer
*Midpoint of WOR 1092,
 Addresses or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Bill Flynn in Oregon
*Deutsche Welle`s monthly DX sub-program in English gets lost in the
 shuffle; to Asia only, last Saturday of each month with Mailbag
 Asia. Webcast schedule at
*Let`s vote for R. Austria; make your support known against another
 50% budget cut: via webform at
*R. Budapest, Hungary, may also be in trouble, as EDXC Conference is
 about to happen there August 24
*V. of Armenia`s Sunday English schedule varies, but excellent
 reception in UK
*V. of Mesopotamia, clandestine, new frequency
*V. of Kurdistan Toilers at new time; R. Kurdistan, V. of the Kurdish
 Socialist Democratic Party also monitored
*Iranian clandestine on 17 MHz appears to be Seday-e Iran, formerly
 too close to WWCR on 15
*Experimental Japanese station JG2XA studies Doppler effect near
 former JJY frequencies; see
*QSL from BPM, Chinese timesignal station gives schedule
*Keith Perron has media show Wavelength on CRI`s domestic morning
 show in English, Friday; via
*Excellent article on Falun Dong:
*R. Australia temporarily switched an Indonesian broadcast from
 Tinian to Abu Dhabi, same frequency until August 24
*RCI spur on 15 MHz interferes with CFB Trenton, Ontario
*R. Habana Cuba supposed to have started webcasting August 13, see or -- but neither
 audio nor video working for us
*R. Apintie, Suriname, active again on 60 meters; also has webcast:
*Two MW harmonics from Colombia heard in Ecuador, R. Viva, R. Super
*R. Impacto Cristiano, Bolivia, is unlicensed, and no mail
*Two stations in Independencia, Ayopaya, Bolivia; the SW station is
 cultural and not the one supported by German Catholics
*AM and FM stations in Mexico City with formats in DXLD 1-101
*Story about Samoan broadcasts in Silicon Valley:
*R. Oman, SW schedule in Arabic
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 14: flux range 140-165
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1092             ###