WORLD OF RADIO #1091, produced August 8, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Unexpected change in second broadcast of WOR on WBCQ to UT Thursdays
 0415 on 7415, ex 0400v on 9330
*DX Programs list updated at
*New Dimensions missing from UK and WSHB relays, so listen via RFPI
 or R. Australia
*Useful websites for hurricane season:
 including links to live radio feeds; Nets to You at WOR site includes
 amateur emergency frequencies for each state; and Bill Snyder`s
*Hurricane Watch primary frequency is 14325
*Clovis, California station may stay on 790 instead of 1630 kHz
*New Hampshire station 0.5 kHz off-frequency, making it DXable, WKBR
*ESPN taking over onetime Socialist station WEVD in NYC; see
*WNYE-FM NYC to be turned over to WNYC and change format losing
 ethnic shows and BBC overnight relays;
*Contrary to BBCWS, less rather than more BBC relaying in NY and LA
*WHYY Philadelphia replaces some WRN overnight with BBC due to SW
*New Brain of Britain season has just started on BBC Radio 4
*Mark Byford, responsible for BBCWS dropping SW to NAm, criticised
 by The Independent: ``contemptible stooge``,  ``villainous...cretin``
*Greg Dyke, BBC head, got his teeth capped, so that`s why he banned
 cookies = biscuits
*R. Caroline relay via WBCQ starts August 16 on 7, not 17 MHz
*Radio Authority website in UK erroneously listed R. Caroline as
 licenced for SW; removed; see DXLD 1-104 for controversy over
 no SW in Britain for anyone but BBC, Merlin
*Sussex Surrey Radio Group, ``Susy Radio`` low power RSL in August
 on mediumwave; see
*DTK broadcasting digitally 24h on German MW frequency for DRM
*Euro Sonor make-up broadcast and different test frequencies next two
 weekends, via Bulgaria?
*R. Austria International budget cut in half; to keep English, French,
 Spanish, but not its own German shows?
*Latin News missing from R. Finland; off the air, or on vacation?
*The non-commerical, non-governmental, non-corporate, non-musical,
 non-religious, non-communist media program, WOR 1091, P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA or Check our website
*RFE/RL temporarily doubles airtime to Belarus` in run-up to election
 September 9; accused of trying to ``brainwash`` citizens [note: due
 to a production problem only, there may be a 13-second gap within
 this item, such as in the audio version on our website]
*V. of Mesopotamia clandestine heard again with morning broadcasts
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan heard in Ukraine on FM by sporadic E
*R. Barabari, Iranian clandestine, followed by Israeli broadcast,
 apparently revealing site {from Anker, not Adrian Petersen!}
*R. Payem-e Dost, another Iranian clandestine, followed via Moldova
*Iranian clandestine called ``GHI`` on 17 MHz, maybe Seday-e Iran
*Abu Dhabians cool with evangelical Christians using their Islamic
 facilities now brokered by Merlin, starting with WYFR, AWR, skeds
*Has UAE Radio, Abu Dhabi, abandoned its own SW broadcasting?
*FEBC Philippines, experimenting with German relay this week
*The new Radio Free Vietnam shifted frequency 5 kHz; Democratic V.
 of Burma heard on same frequency by mistake, same site or same feed?
*Gansu, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Chinese regional SW
*Christian Voice, Australia, produces spurs on 21 MHz, one in hamband
*Radio Reading Service, NZ, believed heard in Tennessee on 75m
*RNZI mentioned a strike and broadcast BBCWS programming instead
*ZJB, Montserrat, too weak in case of volcanic emergency, on FM and
 internet only, not back on MW
*Alo Presidente, Venezuela via Cuba moved from Sunday to Saturday
*R. Cultura de Sao Paulo not heard on its three SW frequencies, but
 announced a limited SW schedule to save energy
*Bolivian mystery on 90m identified as R. Ayopaya, supported by
 Catholics in Germany. See
*R. Burundi reactivated on SW, 6 MHz after months of absence
*SNBC, Sudan heard on 7 MHz, with Russian interference
*R. Kahuzi, DR Congo, heard on 6 MHz by BBCM; Christian station
 controlled by Rally for Democracy rebels
*See DXLD 1-104 for Jornal de Angola accusing R. Ecclesia of being
 political opposition, not just Catholic; relays via Germany still
*Propagation outlook from Boulder August 7; flux range 165-140-165
*Standard disclaimer
*That`s World of Radio 1091; I`m Glenn Hauser          ###