WORLD OF RADIO #1090, produced August 1, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

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 new edition just posted at and our new
 info in Oklahoma Broadcasting News
*Continent of Media 01-07 now available via
*COM and WOR are broadcast frequently on R. for Peace Interntional;
 7445 changed from USB to AM, conflicting schedules; 21815-USB silent;
 15049 24 hours on AM
*Far Right Radio Review on hate radio, this week or next with the
 Top 10 most hateful people on SW, Sats and Weds 2030 UT plus repeats;
 and via website archive,
*New SW station planned for Manchester TN is WWCV, Worldwide Christian
 Voice; antenna and transmitter plans
*Radio Caroline about to be carried by WBCQ on 17 and 7 MHz
*Seldom Heard Radio half an hour earlier on WRMI; tribute to Douglas
 Adams, new season in September
*VOA Delano visited, and John Vodenik will QSL this site only
 directly: c/o VOA Delano, 11015 Melcher, Delano, CA 93215
*WWV caught putting out matching spurs above and below 10 and 15 MHz
*ARRL petitions FCC for new ``60m`` domestic hamband 5250-5400; full
 story in DXLD 1-103, as are most of the stories in this edition
*New X-band stations planned, researched by Pat Martin; no NH
*New host for WBUR`s The Connection is Dick Gordon, ex-CBC
*Larry Shewchuk, Canadian DXer and broadcaster, died of cancer at 43
*Colombian network Todelar has remodeled webpage, added audio:
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela, QSL reports with 3 IRCs may be sent via
 Sr. Jorge Garcia Rangel, Calle Roma, Qta. Costa Rica No. A-16,
 Urbanizacion Alto Barinas, Barinas 5201, Venezuela
*R. Nuevo Horizonte [not Horizante as I pronounced], Retamas, Peru,
 new on 5 MHz; owner has website
*Another Peruvian on 6 MHz, R. La Voz de Andahuaylas
*R. Tropico, Bolivia, heard on new 6 MHz frequency
*Bolivian on 6054.5 is Radio Juan XXIII, not R. Mauro Nunez, but
 the latter has bought that frequency
*Another Bolivian has bought a 6 MHz channel, R. Patuju
*Via USB, AM, FM, subcarrier, and Internet, WOR 1090, P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA; or
*ZNBC Radio 1, Zambia schedule
*R. Uganda staying back on 4 MHz frequency instead of 7
*Netsanet Radio, Ethiopian clandestine, site bearing on Russia
*Egypt confirms experimental broadcasts of new directional SW
 transmitters at Abu Zaabal; worn out transmitters still a problem,
 blamed on Ublisht, Russian firm which made the most terrible
 transmitters of the ages
*Voice of Nigeria establishing more bureaux, adding more languages,
 ``re-engineered for quality external broadcasting``
*``Best Sellers`` on early comedy of Peter Sellers through August 14
 on BBC Radio 4. He and Kingsley Amis did SW imitations; see 
*BBC has appointed an agnostic as head of religious programmes,
 Alan Bookbinder; we approve
*R. Ukraine International had Ukrainian instead of English two
 nights by mistake; testing new extra-narrow beam to NAm, a monster-
 size curtain?
*R. Gardarika tested to NAm July 30-August 2, some on former R. Free
 Chechnya service; see DXLD 1-103
*R. Kavkaz, Chechnyan clandestine heard on two 7 MHz frequencies;
 claims Russians will jam it, but has three different sites; Georgia
 to close down one of them
*R. Varna, Bulgaria, still broadcasting Sundays only
*Proposed VOA MW relay on Cyprus considering two sites, with another
 ruled out due to protests; Greens still oppose, and government
 approval pending
*Merlin signs agreement to operate SW site in UAE, for relays,
 including BBC WS, RCI, NHK; transmitter and antenna details
*Myanmar Defence Forces schedule; a break in it matches schedule of
 minority language service on another frequency
*Laos reactivated 7 MHz frequency, test?
*R. Free Vietnam, based in Louisiana, starts broadcasts from unknown
 site; not same as station of same name from California. This one:
*Top 10 promotional ideas for WWV, presented by Bill Westenhaver and
 Sheldon Harvey, International Radio Report
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 31; flux range 120-145-120
*And that`s WOR 1090; I`m Glenn Hauser, hoping you`ve enjoyed the
 program and will join me again next week             ###