WORLD OF RADIO #1089, produced July 24, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*New frequency for us Fri 0930 UT on WWCR: 9475; also on same UT Mon
 0000, but from September plans switch to 3215
*DXLD 1-102 and previous issues have discussion about freedom in
 China, Singapore and the US; see Toronto Star articles about China`s
 control of the internet:
*Proposal that Thailand should change from UT+7 to UT+8 timezone
*R. Shalom, Iran`s service to Israel, had nothing but music
*R. Sana`a, Yemen confirmed with one English broadcast, not other
*Egypt testing two new transmitters on new SW frequencies
*More monitoring of Malian SW frequencies in Europe
*Salama Radio answers listeners; accused of being clandestine to
*France`s longwave power cut in half at night, only one megawatt
*Love Radio from Berlin special: never mind, no SW last week
*Poland`s SW transmitters have warble, low modulation; English as
 heard in France
*R. Ukraine International transmitter sites discussed; power and
 azimuth changes; megawatt may not last through August
*R. Samorodinka, Moscow 75m heard in Finland, is a pirate
*World of Radio 1089 has now exceeded its midpoint;
 or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702;
*Standard disclaimer
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: LeRoy Long
*Chechen rebels reported operating SW station from Azerbaijan or
 Georgia; ``Independent Ichkeria``in Pankissi Gorge, near Duisi
 village, Georgia. Believed to be R. Kavkaz (Caucasus) on 40m, jammed
*BBC reported to charge US public radio stations about $16K for rights
 to carry any programs; cutting SW may be to earn more this way; and
 anticipating charging for internet access
*FCC cannot force public radio and TV stations to compete in auctions
 with commercial broadcasters over non-reserved frequencies: see 1-102
*FCC website redesigned, easier to use:
*Ninoska Perez resigns from Cuban American National Foundation over
 cancellation of La Voz de la Fundacion on WHRI
*Colombia`s La Voz de los Centauros found off-frequency
*Dispute over identity of Bolivian on 49m 
*R. Tropico, Bolivia, changed frequency to inside 49m band
*R. Sao Carlos, Brazil, reactivated on 120m band, 24 hours
*US high-power MW transmitter manufacturers are shipping to China,
 Middle East, Florida
*``Non-direxional`` antenna at Delano is a 250-kW dipole
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 24; flux range 140-130-145
*That concludes WOR 1089; I`m Glenn Hauser, inviting you back again,
 next week                                      ###