WORLD OF RADIO #1088, produced July 18, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Continent of Media 01-07 available on our website from
 July 18; on RFPI from July 20; subsequently on
*WWCR made frequency changes July 18 dropping 7435 completely, so
 WOR Friday 0930 UT now on 9475; also Brother Stair 7460 usage
 greatly expanded
*Last week, WOR on WBCQ-2 9330 started much later than 0400; so if
 not heard on time, stay tuned
*No confirmation yet that WBCQ will carry BBC WS; but R. Caroline
 says it will be on 7 and 17 MHz WBCQ for 9 hours per week
*VOA frequency changes in English to 5 MHz out-of-band via Botswana,
*Format change at VOA News Now delayed until September or later
*R. Cadillac X-band talking billboards QSLed by ad agency, v/s Sarah
 Maggetti, Account Executive, D`Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, 3310
 West Big Beaver, Troy MI 48084
*One of first LPFMs, KLGB in Enid is equipment-testing, on air most
 of the time; and Enid has second LPFM on air, ``Classic Rock, KUAL
 104.7, Enid`` -- hardly Public Radio as in licensee name
*WCLV`s explanation of 7-way station switceroo in Cleveland also says
 another AM station relays its classical most of the time;
*New COM 01-07 has segment about consolidation in US broadcasting
 industry; accompanying item on Sen. Hollings` Commerce Committee
 trying to restrain Republican-controlled FCC from deregulating even
*Sackville frequencies abandoned by BBC and RN heard carrying RCI and
 R. Japan relays
*RCI on 15170, 13670 and 17875 put out huge interference over entire
*CBC summer programs include Connexions on Mondays, Despatches, Radio
 Donair in last half hours of As It Happens, M/W/F; and Charles
 Lawther`s ``hilarious`` standup documentaries in last half hour of
 This Morning, Sunday 
*Carole Taylor appointed new chairwoman of CBC, non-francophone. See:
*In the midst of WOR 1088;
 P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA: and our hotmail
 accounts are also working again
*Thanks for financial support this week go to: Bill Flynn
*7th annual meeting of Mexican DX clubs and SWLs, Aug 9-11 in
 Guanajuato; info from or ask Jeff White, WRMI
*XERTA`s latest frequency, trying to get back on nominal
*Arbitron just moving into rating Mexico City radio networks, first
 market outside US
*New Director of OCB, R. Marti is Salvador Lew, ex-classmate of
 Castro; plans to revitalize with better programming and Belize MW
 relays; and TV Marti to move to prime time on 3 UHF channels at once
*Rolando Borges, Cuban exile broadcaster, died July 9; see DXLD 1-097
*Cuban exile news site:
*OAS urges Colombia to investigate killings of journalists, including
 one with La Voz de la Selva, formerly on SW
*La Voz del Napo, Ecuador, reactivated on 90m
*Ecuadorian harmonics heard in Quito: R. Panorama; Ecos del Portete;
 Ondas de Caluma; see DXLD 1-099
*Peruvian harmonics IDed: Radio La Mejor; Radio San Lorenzo; and non-
 harmonic R. Cielo
*Peruvian 5 MHz stations heard in New Zealand: Radio Reina de la
 Selva; R. Bolivar
*R. Union, Peru, varying around 6.3 MHz is unintentional, since ID
 still mentions 6115; so when QSLing, don`t make an issue of clear
 out-of-band off-frequency
*3343-3344 variable unID, Radio Cuarto Centenario, seems Bolivian
*Banda Oriental, Uruguay, weak but readable for an hour in Europe;
 QSLs on the way from Calle Sarandi 328, Sarandi del Yi, Durazno
*V. of Africa, Libya, moves back to 15 MHz from 17
*R. Cairo, Egypt, heard on new 50m frequency, ex-30m?
*R. Netherlands made morning transmissions to North America permanent
 via Sackville, 4 hours per day at times inconvenient for CDT, MDT
*Love Parade plans SW special again this year, July 20-22, but no
 details by July 18; see
*Discussion of poor audio quality of SWBC from Poland in DXLD 1-091,
*Visit to Cyprus, including Cape Greco and feasibility of more
 broadcast relays there, in DXLD 1-099
*V6AH, Pohnpei, QSLed on MW in Australia; plans automated 24h soon
*New Peace Radio Website on stations promoting peace in troubled
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 17; flux range 160-125-155
*And so concludes yet another WOR, 1088; Glenn Hauser, here, hoping
 you`ve found useful info in the program and inviting you to hear
 me again next week                        ###