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     WORLD OF RADIO #1087, produced July 11, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Can`t receive Hotmail for two days, so please resend, and use only
 wghauser@yahoo.com until further notice
*``Sweltering`` at 30 degrees in Holland, so what am I doing in 
 Oklahoma where it is 41 degrees, only slightly cooler inside, as I 
 have to turn off my noisy air conditioner while recording?
*I do a Spanish DX report for Radio Enlace on Radio Nederland; hear 
 entire program via http://www.rnw.nl/sp/toolbar/radioenlace.html 
 96.5 kbps stéreo: 
*Mundo Radial, a different version, July-August edition starts July 13
 on WWCR 15685, Fridays at 2112 UT; script and audio accessible via 
 WOR website including Our Current Audio
*Brunei Radio & TV has officially started webcasting five radio 
 networks: http://www.rtb.gov.bn/netradio/index.htm
*V. of Pujiang schedule, from Shanghai to Taiwan
*Mongolian SW to be ``revitalized`` in three cities with Japanese aid; 
 hope they don`t mean USW
*QSLing India thread in DXLD 1-094 and 1-096; no return postage 
 necessary to AIR, and don`t send cash; AIR QSL address, or 
*Jose Jacob receives E-QSL from AIR Jeypore
*More on strife in Cyprus over RF radiation: anti-antenna riots at 
 British bases; not BBC/Merlin site
*V. of Democratic Eritrea modified schedule via Germany
*Radio Rainbow, Ethiopian clandestine schedule
*Netsanet Radio, Ethiopian clandestine schedule via E Europe or CIS
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, keeps switching betwen 4 and 5 MHz; times for 
 Spanish and English
*R. Ecclesia, Angola, suspends programming for reorganization; impact 
 on SW relay?
*Libyan newspapers now on internet including one in English:
 Al-Mua'sasah al-ammah li-Sahafa: http://www.libyanpress.com
 Al-Fajr al-Jadid newspaper: http://www.alfajraljadeed.com
 Al-Shames newspaper: http://www.alshames.com
 Al-Jamahiriyah newspaper: http://www.aljamahiria.com
 Al-Fajr al-Jadid in English: http://www.alfajraljadeedeng.com
 Al-Zahf al-Akhdar: http://www.azzahfalakhder.com
*UTAN, United Tribes of Africa News Television, plans to start 
 satellite broadcasts to Americas, later Africa; HQ in New York
*KPM556, Portland, OR increased power but antenna replacement delayed
*Museum Ships special ham event July 21-22; see 
*New July schedule of WRMI in DXLD 1-093, minus the chaff; R. Prague 
 relay schedule in Spanish, English
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1087, 
 http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/ -- P O Box 1684, Enid OK 
 73702 USA; wghauser@yahoo.com
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Gerald T. Pollard
*US Government directed Bob Padula to remove from website story on 
 Playa de Pals; refused
*Spain has Latin American jazz program, ``Manteca``
*BBC`s new frequencies to Mexico in English switiched from Delano to 
*Time-Warner cable in Rochester, NY has BBCWS on SAP of TBS 24 hours, 
 but that is anomalous; most cable systems will not do this
*Reports that BBC plans to charge for online usage
*Top BBC staff handed lavish bonuses and payoffs; see DXLD 1-094
*New Salama Radio International from Britain to Africa opposes Islam, 
 clashes with Antarctica; see http://www.salamaradio.org
*R. Ezra was not from Wavre, Belgium, says RVi; all QSLs issued were 
 incorrect; we still suspect Bulgaria
*R. Austria International will be at mercy of ORF from next January; 
 see DXLD 1-095
*R. Ukraine International says power on 12 MHz is 1000 kW, the rest 
 100 kW
*R. Donair is new summer series on CBC and RCI, funny stories from 
 around the World
*R. Union, Peru, back outofband on 6 and 12 MHz
*R. Banda Oriental, Uruguay, heard in Sweden thanks to absence of 
*SODRE, Uruguay, running all night, and DXable once Spain off 
*WWKB reported last week to be reviving music format, has not 
 happened, still preachers or business talk
*New X-bander from California, KAXW in Spanish
*One of first Low Power FM stations is equipment-testing from Enid, 
*Salon.com articles con and pro-NPR:
*Introducing youngsters to shortwave hobby
*2001 National Scout Jamboree in Virginia, includes special ham 
 station K2BSA, July 21-August 1
*Philips launching internet radio system in the US, FW-i1000; see
*Counterpunch: movie chain moratorium on trailers, adding cartoons
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 10; flux range 140-170-125
*WOR 1087; Glenn Hauser hoping you`ll join me again next week and
*Reminding you that every World of Radio should be accompanied by a 
 standard disclaimer ###