WORLD OF RADIO #1086, produced July 3, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Wojtek Gwiazda calls for an International Shortwave Coalition; see and comment
*WGN Extension 720 and BBC Up All Night simulcast July 4th, Give Me
 Liberty; webcast via
*WWKB 1520 Buffalo changed back to music format June 30 to `Best
 Music of the 70s`. See
*WEVD NY listeners group picketed offices to save it from Disney
*KKWY 1630 Wyoming still doesn`t have proper antenna; pictures via
*R. Belle Haiti heard on 1700 kHz in Boston area
*Pirate Cat Radio on 87.9 in Los Angeles; see
*Film Week from KPCC is on only one other station, which webcasts,
 WOR affiliate WSUI, and provides transcripts
*United Patriot Radio not raided, still on air; see Loren Cox`s
 take on it in DXLD 1-088, 1-090
*FCC authorized sale of KAIJ, Dallas shortwave
*North American SW Broadcasters Association now headed by C. Ed Evans
 and Jeff White
*Historic coast station in California KPH returning to air UT July
 13 for commemorative Morse transmissions; see DXLD 1-087 or
*CSIC ready to broadcast again; long list of possible frequencies in
 DXLD 1-091; Marie Lamb still waiting for her rubber chicken
*CBC Radio on summer vacation schedule, with different shows weekdays
 at 8 pm local, including Quirks & Quarks on Thursdays
*Bahamas FM DXed in Kansas, Cool 96 FM. Thread about such in DXLD
 1-088, 1-089, 1-090, 1-091 with links
*BBC Technology, commercial division, about to digitalise Cuba`s aging
 broadcast infrastructure
*Another Peruvian website of help to DXers by Ministry of Education;
 see DXLD 1-091 and 
*Another Peruvian 3 MHz station, R. San Lorenzo
*R. Guarani, Brazil, had American music show in English
*Standard disclaimer
*WOR 1086, -- P O Box 1684,
 Enid OK 73702 USA or
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: Bruce Berr
*Channel Africa, South Africa, has special broadcast Sunday July 8
*Congo Brazzaville returned from 4 to 5 MHz band
*Ghana putting out spurs on 3 MHz band
*Voice of Hope, Sudanese clandestine via Madagascar, gets official
 protest from Khartoum government to Netherlands
*WWCR`s new 7460 clashes with Polisario clandestine
*V. of Africa, Libya, English times as monitored June 23
*Director of Radio Espanya Independiente, long-running communist
 clandestine, has died
*El Dial, Spanish DX magazine, latest issue available free in PDF via
*BBCWS cuts to North America went through, so harder to hear in our
 mornings, but surprisingly added new evening frequencies to `Mexico`
*Coalition fights on, including posts from
 Arbitron that internet is not replacing radio
*BBC Chairman Sir Christopher Bland taking questions in live chat
 session, July 5 at 1700 UT via
*R. Netherlands takes over former BBC to North America frequencies
 temporarily, with Showcase program featuring Jonathan Marks; and
 regular RN English programming from July 4; via Sackville, Delano
*Alfa Lima International, Dutch pirate, plans regular weekly
 broadcasts on another former BBCWS frequency, Saturdays and maybe
 Friday evenings
*MediaScan, successor to Sweden Calling DXers, final broadcast July
 17, but e-newsletter to continue
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio has another monthly broadcast July 7;
*One of R. Bulgaria`s two 500 kW transmitters at Plovdiv is down for
 rest of A-01 season, so only one frequency for many broadcasts,
 including English
*Now it`s Cyprus with movement against radiation fears from British
 transmitters; and how about new IBB MW 600 kW about to be built?
*Lengthy joint monitoring sessions to determine actual frequency
 usage of Jordan and Mali, in DXLD 1-091
*R. Oman heard in Tennessee on two 19 MHz harmonics
*Iraqi National Congress getting $6 million more from State Department
 -- so more clandestine broadcasting?
*RKI relay via Canada suddenly has Chinese-style jamming; should move
*R. New Ireland, Papua New Guinea rivals Port Moresby reception
*Australia proposes digital technology for outback broadcasting
*Outback SW transmitters should replace 2 MHz with 3 at night
*Royal Flying Doctor Service frequencies might clash with out of band
*More articles about history of rare Pacific stations including WXLG
 Kwaljalein and KMTH Midway:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 3; flux range 140-195-140
*World of Radio 1086; Glenn Hauser inviting you back next week ###