WORLD OF RADIO #1084, produced June 20, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*New Continent of Media 01-06 now available at our website, from
 June 22 on RFPI, and soon via
*New Mundo Radial now running on WWCR, Fridays 2115 (or 2110) on 15685
*Our Sat 1130 broadcast on WWCR 15685 disappears early in July
*R. Morobe, Papua New Guinea, off the air with guy wires cut
*ABC getting $75 million to revive TV service to Asia, Pacific
*Thai military defies constitution in maintaining control over many
 radio stations; see DXLD 1-085
*R. Taibei International improves website with news and audio archives
 [says will be down for upgrade June 26/29 to July 2]
*Tyva is new name for Tannu Tuva; when local programs air on SW
*All India Radio heard in Michigan on 4 frequencies at 1000 English
*AIR Jeypore back on SW after two years, schedule; reports to All
 India Radio, Jeypore 764005, Orissa, India
*SLBC Sri Lanka still using several 60m frequencies evenings
*Iran`s clandestine programs in Arabic, V. of the Islamic Revolution
 of Iraq, and V. of the Islamic Palestinian Revolution; Radio Shalom
 and complete English schedule
*Live video and audio from Iraqi TV via via
 Samoan domain actually in Lebanon
*R. Bopeshowa, Kurdistan clandestine, as now scheduled
*QSL in English received from Yemen; address update: P O Box 2371,
 Sana`a; v/s Mohammed H. Bather
*R. Tanzania audible in Europe on 50m
*R. San Marino not on SW, but 24h via
*Vatican Radio resumed 4 MHz broadcasts
*Rai, Italy, shifted English and French 5 minutes later
*Via SW, MW, FM, cable, satellite, internet, WOR 1084, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; check
 our website
*Promo by Jim Cutler for -- BBC has not
 responded to pleas to reverse decision to cut SW to NAm July 1
*SAQ, Sweden plans another VLF test July 1, with ham specials too
*CFVP, Alberta, in the clear Sunday night with Marti and jammers off;
 German co-channel also off for an hour allowing European DX window
*RCI Executive Director Robert O`Reilly retired suddenly, replaced
 by CBC insider. Sheldon Harvey`s point of view on this. For latest
*Personnel turnover at VOA; Director Sandy Ungar replaced by acting
 director Myrna Whitworth; Kelu Chao moves into acting program
 director position
*What has finally become of the old VOA Bethany site: 
*WOR 1084 and DXLD 1-084 similar numbering now entirely coincidental
*John Vodenik, who tried to keep Bethany open, has gone back to
 work at VOA, now at Delano
*RFA Vietnamese transmitted from new unlisted site, Taiwan, as
 deduced by Olle Alm
*Crisis at Radio Marti
 reports insufficient funds to pay settlement against OCB
 administrators; OCB director Herminio San Roman forced to resign
 July 27, in exile politics; two bills pending to abolish Radio and
 TV Marti: HR 1270, 1646
*At RFPI, Freespeech Radio News extended another month; and new weekly
 Like It Is, issues confronting African-Americans
*Spanish music on 5000 kHz is R. Popular, Venezuela, getting into YVTO
*DXLD 1-085 has lots of Peruvian DX from Bjoern Malm, Ecuador,
 including R. La Mejor; R. Ilucan; R. La Voz de Chiriaco; La Voz de
 San Juan; R. Bethel
*Voz Cristiana, Chile, not only simulcasts its Miami station on 1700
 but also heard with R. La Luz, Lima, Peru
*R. Marabunta, sounds like Chilean on 48m, but Europirate relay
*R. Difusora Taubate', Brasil, has new QSL, IDs in Spanish, English,
 increasing power, improving antenna
*R. Clube Paranaense, Brasil, 77th anniversary June 27th
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 19th; flux range 195-145-205
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1084            
[note: two items in headlines were not actually covered this week:
 ``UPR calls it quits; Clear Channel stations resume webcasts``] ###