WORLD OF RADIO #1083, produced June 11, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Ed Mayberry lost his home in Houston flood, but family OK; so website cannot be updated for some time;
 contact via work: `Never take things for granted`
*WWL heard on 6 MHz band, relay?
 [no, mixing product with WRNO 7355, not relay/image as I surmised]
*SW transmitter site 14 miles south of Fort Worth: whose is it?
*Bro. Stair new frequency on 7 MHz is WWCR`s first new frequency in
*Morale declining at RCI as cutbacks proceed, including no more RCI
 news on weekends despite no reduction in budget. More going on than
 meets the eye. Listen to Wojtek Gwiazda interview on June 3rd
 International Radio Report at and also via
*Opposition Canadian Alliance party wanted to hear from RCI listeners: or MP Cheryl Gallant, House of Commons, Centre
 Block, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
*Amended RCI frequency schedule from June 11 in DXLD 1-083
*CHNX Halifax back on air, 41 watts heard in Europe and Australia
*Nassau, Bahamas, FM station on 94.9 is called ``More 94``
*R. Barahona, Dominican Republic on 60m relays live VOA call-in
*Correxion to WOR 1082: deals in Canadian,
 not US dollars [and `` I mentioned is not same site!]
*R. Oriente Libre, Cuban clandestine on WRMI, changed time
*Plans for a new Guatemalan SW station, R. Amistad, San Pedro La
 Laguna, on 49 or 60m by yearend; more in DXLD 1-083
*R. Autentica, Colombia, 2nd harmonic, and traces of 3rd on 17 MHz
*DXLD 1-082 has another Bjoern Malm Peruvian DX report including
 R. Huarmaca; Radio L.Y.R.; R. Union, Tocache; La Voz de las
 Huarinjas; Radio L.T.C.
*Argentina changing time to UT-4 June 17
*With a standard disclaimer,
*We`re in the middle of WOR 1083; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
 or Check our website for much useful info:
*Great deal of opposition continues to BBC dropping SW to North
 America July 1; see latest DX Listening Digests; comments from John
*BBC updated listing of NAm relay stations, but first item was wrong,
 24h on VLF in Anchorage
*Fritz Groothues at BBC believed to be involved in decision; also
 helped close BBC German service
*New website for Coalition to save BBC World Service, set up by Ralph Brandi; his comments
*R. Yugoslavia`s reactivated NAm service often missing
*US to close its Echelon eavesdropping post in Bavaria in 2002
*Russian regional station frequency list [in DXLD 1-083]
*R. Radonezh, Orthodox station has new MW, SW frequencies
*Kamchatka Fisherman`s Station schedule
*In WOR Extra 42, story on Samara transmitter site was LW and MW,
 not SW; see follow-up in DXLD 1-070
*V. of Africa, Libya, English news times all blocked by Moscow, WYFR,
 except one
*Mali heard many mornings on 9 MHz, not inactive
*R. Nigeria domestic service testing 7 MHz frequency
*V. of Nigeria external service audible on another 7 MHz, not others
*Burkina Faso has reactivated 7 MHz days, 4 MHz evenings
*UNAMSIL station in Sierra Leone on 6 MHz: no trace of it in Finland
*Equatorial Guinea reactivated on 5 MHz; anthem matched the one at
*Zimbabwe running very late on 6 MHz frequency
*Frequency change time for Galei Zahal, Israel from 6 to 15 MHz
*V. of Mesopotamia is on behalf of Kurds in Turkey; schedule
*Monitoring Nepal feature at
*More Nepal info at
*Jose Jacob says his site has more
 accurate AIR info than official site
*World Falun Dafa Radio renamed in translation to Great Brightness
 Radio; QSLs received from Fang Guang Ming Inc., P O Box 117, Buford,
 GA 30518, USA; one site is Novosibirsk
*New Cambodian clandestine actually for oppressed Cambodians in south
 Vietnam, V. of Khmer Kampuchea Kraom; originates in Washington DC
*Three 1500 kHz stations, WTOP, KSTP and WLQV agree to change patterns
 for better local coverage, less skywave
*KMJ in Fresno made drastic pattern change to focus on Silicon Valley
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, June 6; flux range 155-135
*That`s World of Radio 1083; Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you to hear
 me again next week                      ###