WORLD OF RADIO #1082, produced May 30, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Remember our new 2nd broadcast on WBCQ-2, UT Thu 0400 on 9330-CUSB
*RFPI alternates SSB and AM on 7445 [back to USB mostly lately]
*WWCR: we finally are on 9475 ex-3215 UT Mon at 0000; last week the
 following emission was at 0530 instead of 0500 on 3215; mistake?
*Long-range MW reception at midday in Hawaii, Bermuda, propagation
 mode not understood, `daytime long-range bending`
*Christian Vision, Australia schedule shows same frequency as Chile
*KHBN, Palau, has new callsign T8BZ, from Babeldaob
*R. Western, PNG, heard in Alaska; PNG bandscan in DXLD 1-080
*R. Central, PNG, has been inactive
*Kalimantan RRI stations heard in Alaska: Pontianak, Palangkaraya
*Troops guarding Jakarta TV stations; government may fall. 2-way
 frequencies to monitor, and RRI Jakarta
*R. Taibei International`s new program grid pattern; see DXLD 1-069;
 new English transmissions, and frequency changes
*V. of Khmer Krom Radio, new clandestine on Fridays, but not heard
 last week
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, puts two third harmonics on 15 MHz
*V. of Mesopotamia, new clandestine for Kurdistan
*V. of the People, R. Mogadishu, Somalia
*R. Galkaacyo, Somalia, barely heard in Alaska
*Central African Republic failed coup attempt disrupts broadcasts
*Via AM, FM, USB, SW, MW, satellite, internet, subcarrier at least,
 WOR 1082, or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA. including DX Listening
*Morocco heard on 7 MHz and 14 MHz harmonic, jammer vs Polisario
*R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, scheduled on 6 MHz band, but ever reported
 by DXers? P O Box 5, Freetown
*Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service schedule, SW portion
*Spain phasing out all VHF TV, moving to UHF; what`s going where:
*US relay station at Playa de Pals, Spain, abruptly closed down May
 25; most transmissions moved to other sites. To be demolished for
 tourist industry on beach
*Mayak starting a 24h all-news channel, Chas Novostiy
*New rebel broadcast in Chechnya, R. Kavkaz on 7 MHz
*Eurosonor Radio moving from 6 to 9 MHz; not denied by Bulgarians
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio`s monthly broadcast this Saturday; has
 three new 49m band channels authorized along with 25m. See
*BBC WS cancellation of World Service on SW to NAm; check all the
 latest issues of DXLD; and links such as: [listen]
 pnm:// [listen]
*Confusion about how many SW and other-media listeners BBC has here
*BBCWS releases which frequencies will be cancelled, including all
 Sackville, WYFR; some Delano; but Antigua remains
*RCI cutbacks go into effect this weekend, no more morning shows,
 and no RCI news on Saturday or Sunday; see
*United Patriot Radio abandoning 90m for the summer, just 42m
* new E-commerce site started by Cuba, in US
 dollars [correxion: site specifies Canadian dollars!]
*Colombian MW station intruding with 10th harmonic on 20m, R.
*DX Partyline 40th anniversary celebrated on this week`s show;
*R. Senado, new Brazilian `C-SPAN` high-power on 50m from Brasilia
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 29: flux range 130-160
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1082              ###