WORLD OF RADIO #1081, produced May 23, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Continent of Media, May now available at
*WBCQ2 has moved our repeat from UT Sun to UT Thu at 0400 on 9330-CUSB
*RFPI has extended 21815-USB until 0200, then 7445-USB, affecting us
*WWCR has extended 3215 until 0600, including WOR UT Mon 0500; from
 June UT Mon 0000 moves from inaudible 3215 to 9475
*WWCR Bro. Stair services now moving 7435 to 2390 at 0500 due to
 interference complaint from Australia
*David Briggs, who built KCBI, has died; was our contact when carrying
*Hoover Institution at Stanford has exhibition on RFE/RL; see [tnx
 Artie Bigley; runs until Dec 28]
*Greater Boston is hotbead of pirates above 1600 kHz; Paul McDonough
 tuned them during a traffic jam; see DXLD 1-074 and 1-063
*Jean Shepherd marathon coming this Sunday night on WBAI, 99.5 NY and
*Michael Jackson is back on air in Los Angeles, KLAC, no webcast
*Sirius satellite radio raised its price by $3; will XM too?
*Impending demise of SW from BBCWS to NAm, Australia continues to
 be discussed in all recent issues of DXLD: Chuck, Joe Wheller, John
 Figliozzi, gh, Maryanne Kehoe, Ken Fletcher, Geoff White, Charles
 Winnington-Ingram, Jim Strader, Joe Buch
*BBC On Air, June issue, reveals plans, with inaccurate remaining
 frequencies for Australia
*Los Angeles times on BBC pulling plug on ``1930s technology`` See: or = 
*Researching how much local relaying of BBC is actually taking place
 in USA: contact Sheldon Harvey,
*Foreign & Commonwealth Office is researching listener reaction;
 postal strike in London, so communicate elsewise
*BBC programs about Iran, including Everywoman, Outlook and Omnibus
 in late May
*Royal Navy plans special transmission from GBR, Rugby, 16 kHz, May
*BBC Radio 2 special Goon Evening, May 29 1800-2130 GMT
*Reflections Europe, pirate from Ireland
*Not on SW, but 5-minute English news from R. Denmark via
 and Banns Radio International does `News at Noon`, also text via: [Baltic And Nordic News Service]
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1081;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or for much info including
 DX Listening Digest, DX programs, ham nets, receiver news
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: LeRoy Long
*Deutsche Welle`s incoming director seems to call for longer
 broadcasts, not fewer
*Operational error confirms Eurosonor and R. Ezra from same site
*Weekly strikes on Thursdays may disrupt broadcasts from Spain
*Vatican agreement with Italy over electrosmog includes moving
 transmissions elsewhere, but no details; new government might have
 different agenda
*English broadcasts announced and monitored from R. Iraq International
*R. V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, keeps changing sign-on time
*Turkmen Radio rearranged transmissions on two 60m channels
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, English frequencies at 0100
*R. Mix-Master, Yakutsk, Russia, reactivated
*Fifth harmonic from Xinjiang on 27 MHz band
*R. Thailand, English to North America, inaudible, but open carrier
 from Dubai on frequency
*Two Papua New Guinea highland provincial stations off air
*R. Australia`s complete official schedule via Cox Peninsula/Darwin
*CFVP, Calgary, confirmed active, audible in daytime in BC
*Mistrust reigns at CBC: employees vent anger at executives. See: 
*HRET, Honduras, not coming back to SW; studio photo at:
*Freespeech Radio News resumes for another month at RFPI, M-F 1700
*Former HCJB staffer and announcer Bob Beukema has died
*La Voz del Upano reactivated frequency, from Tena, Ecuador
*See DXLD 1-073 for Peruvian DX catches, including La Radio
 El Sonido Verde
*Rdif. Roraima, Brasil, drifting far from its nominal 60m frequency
*R. Sarandi del Yi, Uruguay, schedule is only one sesquihour
*Brazzaville, Congo, back on 60m with strong signal, heard worldwide
*R. Nacional, Angola, also reactivated on 60m
*Mali heard on 31m band in Germanistan
*V. of Africa, Libya, English times as monitored, vary greatly
*Another clandestine for Ethiopia, on 12 MHz,
*Universal Radio now selling new Sony portable ICF-SW7600GR which got
 5-star review from Tom Sundstrom; and $200 Icom discount on R-75;
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 22; flux range 170-135-155
*And so concludes yet another World of Radio, 1081; Glenn Hauser
 inviting you to hear me again next week [standard disclaimer]  ###