WORLD OF RADIO #1080, produced May 16, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New frequency schedule at RFPI, 7445-USB at night, 21815-USB day,
 24h on 15049. So new schedule issued for WOR and COM; see
*RFPI has new program, Fri 2100 and Mon 1700, Earthspan. See
*RFPI Stop Hate on Radio campaign seeks donations; commitment form at Send to P O
 Box 1094, Eugene OR 97440
*R. Oriental, Tena, Ecuador, back closer to nominal 60m frequency
*R. Disney starting a station on FM in Buenos Aires
*R. Rwanda staying on later in evening, easy catch in Europe
*National Radio of Saharan Arab Democratic Republic measured on 40m
*R. Ecclesia, Angola via Germany confirmed; extended [13810]
 broadcast is on Saturday, not Sunday
*Deutsche Welle getting a new Intendant, Erik Betterman, a politician
 who doubts 30- or 60-minute foreign language broadcasts of much use
*R. Yugoslavia returned to SW on May 14 (recording), English schedule;
 more in DXLD 1-069 and 1-070
*Not on SW, but colorful website, news audio on demand from R.
*Mike Cooper reviews English from Rai, Italy: subtle charm
*R. Nadezhda, women`s station in Russia, forced off the air, now with
 website and plans webcasts:
*R. Sweden never moved to 15 MHz because it is dropping direct
 frequency since Sackville relay reception is so good at 0330
*Douglas Adams, creator of Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy, died at
 49 May 11; many stories and links in DXLD 1-067, 1-068, 1-070, 1-071
 under International Vacuum; his own website has tribute section:
*Adams described himself as a ``radical atheist``
*BBC Radio 2, evening of Tuesday, May 29, commemorates 50th
 anniversary of The Goons, including a new Goon Show production
*We`re in the midst of WOR 1080; your input always welcome to or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702. Fax still
 available if really necessary, 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*Discussion continues unabated about BBC WS ending SW to North America
 in July, in all recent issues of DXLD; comments by Ricky Leong, Andy
 Sennitt, Bill Bergadano, Ralph Brandi, Nicholas Mead, Kai Ludwig 
*BCBWS correct fax number: +44 20 7557 1258
*More comments by John Figliozzi, Will Martin
*WWFV offers to relay BBC 24/7 for only $219K a year; or to inherit
 5975 for it own purposes
*Radio Canada International may have to close newsroom on weekends,
 affecting all languages. See
*Talking billboards ``Radio Cadillac`` heard in Chicago, California,
 Florida on high end of MW band; see
*Seldom Heard Radio now weekly on WRMI, 7385, Sundays, 0500 UT
*R. Australia finally has resumed broadcasts via Darwin
*Visit to Cox Peninsula facility described in DXLD 1-069; 6 x 250 kW
*New program on R. Australia, Bush Telegraph
*Australian Defence Forces Radio still scheduled via RA [Shepparton]
*Two East TImor MW stations monitored from Darwin, R. UNTAET and a
 Catholic station [``R. Timor``], Bacau
*RRI Makassar, Indonesia, monitored on 9 MHz band
*R. Thailand plans to add five languages, possible relay to Americas
*AFN Diego Garcia may close this year as island to be returned to
 civilian population
*MW transmitter in Afghanistan listed at 1000 kW
*New mostly MW bandscan webpage set up by Mark Connelly: [note caps], and in
 the summary for this WOR at
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, May 15; flux range 145-180-130
*And so concludes another WOR, #1080; I`m Glenn Hauser        ###