WORLD OF RADIO #1079, produced May 9, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*New May edition of Continent of Media available for listening via
 World of Radio website, e.g. at Our Current Audio, and also via
 RFPI from Friday May 11 at 1900 UT, plus usual repeats
*RFPI may be leaving 21815-USB on the air 24 hours
*Mundo Radial, May Spanish DX report starts Friday May 11 at 2115 on
*Also via our website
*From May 13 our Sunday 1900 on 12160 replaced by Ken Berryhill
*Dark day in history of SWBC: May 8, when BBC WS announced it would
 abandon SW to NAm and Australia in July; firestorm of protest in
 DXLD 1-065; more on this week`s VOA Communications World. BBC WS
 leaves us with FM relays and internet, but many complain that they
 can only get it by SW; public address for comments: or fax +44 171 557 1258
*R. Netherlands and Voice of Russia maintain commitment to SWBC;
 BBC listeners elsewhere are edgy; are they next?
*R. Austria International announcer remarks it may no longer exist
 in two months
*Vatican Radio says it will announce electrosmog reduction plans on
 May 18
*R. Ezra thinks he is transmitted via Belgium, but sounds like
 Bulgaria; he and Eurosonor bought a pig in a poke, says Kai Ludwig
*Besides V. of Croatia via Germany, domestic Hrvatski Radio also on
 SW direct from Croatia
*R. Vilnius adds second English broadcast to North America at
 original time, heard better
*Eurovision Song Contest a big deal on many European radio and TV
 networks, Saturday May 12 from Copenhagen; webcast also via and see under May 3
*R. Sunshine reported last week is actually in German, from Belgium;
 many German radio stations have English names
*Iceland now putting in good twilight signals on 13 MHz
*R. Sweden still not moved to 15 MHz for NAm summer evenings; and
 RCI put Sweden relay on CBC Northern Quebec frequency by mistake
*With a standard disclaimer, this is the
*Media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1079, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
*RCI facing new threats of cutbacks in program production and news
*Quirks & Quarks on CBC/RCI was about Altzheimer`s last week;
 terraforming Mars this Saturday after 1500, 2300 on RCI
*CHUM, 1050, Toronto, dumping music for sports
*Don McNeill`s Breakfast Club reminisced on Extension 720, WGN,
 Thursday night, May 10
*United Patriot Radio changes daytime frequency; ADL monitoring
 Steve Anderson for anti-semitism; see DXLD 1-060 for reports on FCC
 actions involving Steve Anderson
*Strife at CNN, fun at
*OK Mozart Festival concerts now being webcast on Oklahoma public
 radio stations; another one plans webcast: KGOU, Norman
*WMLK 250 kW transmitter delayed until June
*Armed Forces Day, with ham/military crossband contacts, a week
 early this year due to Dayton Hamvention, May 12. Details in DXLD
 1-063, and at
*New WRMI programming for May includes R. Oriente Libre
*Venezuelan authorities reject Thais and Jeff Whites` application
 for tropical SW station [R. San Juan Internacional]; Cuban ties
 involved; see DXLD 1-063
*25m daytime bandscan finds 11 Brazilian stations active; DXLD 1-063
*R. Bosques, South American pirate testing on 14 and 7 MHz
*Peru DX news in DXLD 1-062 including: LPC stands for La Peticion
*R. Litoral, Honduras, has English in evenings; frequency varies
*Mexico City confirmed on DST since May 6 with XERMX one hour earlier
*R. Congo, Brazzaville, heard with English
*R. Ecclesia, Angola relay schedule via Germany was incorrect;
 correct schedule, confirmed
*V. of Nigeria has more English in evenings instead of Hausa, Yoruba
*New dissident SW to Iran: from Washington, Baha`i faith`s Radio
 Payem-e Doost (Message from a Friend),
*And R. Barabari (Equality),
*China Radio International merging with CCTV and CNR domestic
 services to form gigabuck ``company``;  see DXLD 1-065
*Vietnamese clandestine schedule via KWHR Hawai`i
*Christian Voice, Australia, tentative schedule to India
*Sony has new SW porttable ICF-SW7600GR; see Reception Tips page at
 WOR website
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 8; flux range 125-180-130
*That`s World of Radio 1079; Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you back
 next week                                    ###