WORLD OF RADIO #1078, produced May 2, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI shifted nighttime frequency to 7445; 15050 usage expanded
*WRN and more and more American stations disappearing from Astra
 satellite, including WOR
*Palau mostly relays R. Free Asia now; only two KHBN broadcasts
 are in Mandarin by Hong Kong church
*Manager of NBC, Papua New Guinea replaced by Prime Minister in
 political move; may endanger Japanese technical aid
*R. Australia usage of Darwin still delayed; one frequency in English
 planned for mid-May
*Christian Voice and HCJB both licensed by Australia; see DXLD 1-057
 and 1-059
*R. Eureka International, New Zealand pirate, plans May 4 test
*R. New Zealand International new winter schedule effective May 6
*R. TV Malaysia network starts webcast,
*R. Taibei International wants official monitors; reward a CD
*Esther Li leaving RKI after May 6; native speakers of English get
 only two-year contracts
*CRI claims relays via Brazil, but imaginary
*Tannu Tuva active on 6 MHz band; hear a clip at
*Kyrgyzstan believed heard on 5th harmonic; easier than fundamental?
*V. of Iran was clandestine in 1077 with different frequencies each
 day, probably random rather than per day of week
*Israel moved to 21 MHz for one English broadcast
*UAE Radio Dubai back on 4 frequencies each for English broadcasts
*V. of the Revolution of Tigre, Eritrea schedule
*R. Mogadishu, V. of the People, Somalia, well heard in England
*R. Mozambique heard back on SW, 90 meters
*R. Bunia, Congo DR clandestine reports staff members killed, ambush
*R. Ecclesia, Angola, still not started relay via Germany
*R. Sunshine starts May 6 via Germany
*V. of Croatia via Germany resumes English, Spanish news, odd times
*R. Maryja, Catholic station in Poland, schedule via Russia
*The non-commercial, non-communist, non-government, non-religigious,
 non-musical, non-apolitical program, WOR 1078, P O Box 1684, Enid OK
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*Thanks for financial support: James Strader
*R. Radonezh, Russia, on new 6 MHz frequency
*V. of Russia extends space quiz contest deadline to June 12
*R. Ukraine International moves from 13 to 12 MHz, which is better
*R. Sweden did not move to 15 MHz May 1 as planned; Canada relay on
 9755 [not 9795 as I said]
*Italy and Vatican still fighting over slectrosmog; see DXLD 1-056,
 1-058, 1-059
*Digital tests via Bonaire still delayed, but on via Portugal
*BBC Radio 4 to broadcast Dawn Chorus around the world, May 6 on
 the half hour all day from 0430 UT. See
*BBC Radio 4 guy wire maintenance at Droitwich 198 kHz longwave
 put it off the air daytimes through May 16; but Scotland still on
*Emerald Radio, Ireland, yearly specials on now via WWCR
*United Patriot Radio still heard on 12, 3 MHz, but poorly
*Why domestic commercial radio in the US is getting so bad:
*Picayune-powered CHNX off lately, but to be back for anniversary
 special May 11-12, and limited-edition QSLs; 41 watts, G5RV antenna
*RCI reclaimed 5960, but transmitter has been down; back in May? QRM
 on \\ 9755 but reluctant to move
*DST in Mexico City supposed to start May 6, so XERMX one hour
 earlier, from 1200?
*Best time to DX Radio Casino, Costa Rica
*GBC Guyana back on 90m, off-frequency, all night
*R. Rumbos/Torbes, Venezuela, mixing product on 8 MHz band
*LPC, Gerillo, Peru, new station not fully identified
*unID on 5522 may be from Peru
*New Brazilian religious station expected on 6215
*R. Blandengue, South American pirate, reactivating this weekend
*R. Piranha Internacional, ditto, also plans comeback May 4-5
*Uruguayan broadcaster relayed by pirate on 7 MHz hamband
*LRA36, Antarctica schedule; well heard in Sweden
*Propagation outlook from Boulder May 1; flux range 180-130-180
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1,078       ###