WORLD OF RADIO #1077, produced April 18, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Spain via Costa Rica 3210 extended two hours to 0600, clashing with
 WWCR, including WOR at 0500 UT Monday; may last a while
*RFPI has plan for six 100 kW, one dedicated to UN Radio
*R. Verdad, Guatemala, puts strong signal into England for Easter
*Mexico City FM pirate R. Zapote ceased March 30
*R. Habana Cuba testing new 13 MHz frequency through April 21
*Colombian harmonic on 25m band, R. Autentica
*Reactivated Brazilians: R. Difusora Taubate, R. Cancao Nova
*Spanish on Antarctica frequency may be R. Marti spur
*LRA36, Antarctica has reactivated
*AFRTS USB showing up on new or reactivated 13 and 10 MHz frequencies
*Monitoring in Ghana finds one of Benin`s SW stations; missing:
 Burkina Faso, Chad, Central African Republic, Cameroon; Nigerians
 as usual
*R. Rwanda and RT Zanzibar well audible in Europe before QRM hits
*Malawi off SW due to expensive transmitter tubes needing replacement
*R. Ecclesia, Angola relay via Germany not started yet
*BBC WS previews: Heart and Soul: Steaming Through Ephesus, A Sound
 for the Soul; People and Places: True Lives, with listener
 participation to or Room 607SE, Bush House
*BBC sacks head of Bengali section upon complaints of Bangladesh
 Awami League government that he supported 1975 coup
*Greece puts heavy interference on BBC frequencies in Scandinavia,
 but BBC no longer targets Scandinavia, so tough luck
*R. Vilnius, English to North Anerica, shifted one hour earlier
*R. Yugoslavia, not yet back on SW, has registered full schedule;
 see DXLD 1-053
*Via AM, FM, subcarrier, internet, satellite and shortwave, WOR 1077,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; See including DXLD stash
*Vatican Radio reduced MW hours, but not power; extension until
 monthend to agree on permanent reduction of RF emissions
*US Navy and 10 other local FM transmitters in Naples turned off
*Rai schedule overhaul has not eventuated; English still at 0050
*Only two chances to hear Club 9516 from RFI on Sundays
*Belgian pirate Borderhunter heard in New Zealand; April 21-22
*R. Ezra, presumably via Bulgaria on Sundays, changing to 13 MHz
*English newscast from V. of Greece retimed; and Orientations heard
*V. of Palestine, V. of the Palestinian Islamic Revolution via Iran
*Clandestines to Iran via Moldova: [first one is: Voice of Iran!]
 with frequencies changing by day of week; and R. Internationale
*V. of Kurdistan Toilers, clandestine schedule
*QBS, Qatar on three new frequencies, one good, two clashing with
 other Arabs
*V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, announced new morning schedule
*Everest Media Services, new via Austria four days a week, for
 Nepali emigres in Britain via
*All India Radio changed 13 MHz frequency in English, avoiding QRM
*Democratic Voice of Burma`s new schedule from four sites; see
 DXLD 1-054 for powers and azimuths too
*R. Free Asia added special New Year broadcast in Khmer; how long?
*R. Taipei International via WYFR, English to Europe on 11 and 15 MHz
*We reconfirm China R. International relays via Cuba in English
*Alice Springs finally resumed 120m at night [and daytime too?]
*R. Australia really plans to start using Darwin on April 23
*April 21 is International Marconi Day, centenary; see Cornwall
 Radio Amateur Club:
 but foot and mouth restrictions curtail some planned activities
*Also for IMD, K6KPH operates via former KPH coastal facilities in
 California; see DXLD 1-053, 
*Fifth harmonic from China on 25 MHz heard in USA, Guangxi FBS;
 see Nagoya DXers Circle for China station list; also on 35 MHz
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 17th; flux 145-230-130
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1077       ###