WORLD OF RADIO #1076, produced April 11, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Continent of Media, for April started April 10 on
 RFPI; also via our website
*Mundo Radial, monthly Spanish DX report, starts April 13 on WWCR
*One WOR time on WWCR has shifted: UT Sat 0200 ex-0230 on 3215
*I`m guesting with media news on VOA Communications World this week
*Hary Secombe, originally with Goon Show, has died
*Seeing Stars is another BBC WS show cancelled
*BBC WS previews: From Where I Stand replaces Waveguide; Mozart is
 Composer of the Month; Language Steamrollers
*Borderhunter, Belgian pirate on 15 MHz, heard in Australia and
 Tennessee; schedule planned for April 13, 15. Report to
*Croatian Radio finally resumes via DTK, Germany to NAm, Australia
*R. Tirana, Albania, corrects frequencies to two decimal places
*Bulgaria circumstantial site for Eurosonor Radio and Radio Ezra,
 which claims to be a really different Christian broadcaster
*Wish Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation external SW were more
 interesting, with English IDs; schedule Fri-Sat-Sun only
*Vatican Radio vs. Italy situation as of April 11; more details in
 DXLD 1-051; suspend half of MW, plan to ``de-localize`` SW to
 relays; compliance deadline April 16 may or may not be enforced
*Rome`s other station, Rai, features Qur`an in Arabic service, V.
 of Arabia, from the ``Islamic Republic of Italy``
*UAE open to broadcasting Christian programming; World Beacon
 experiment comparing to reception in Africa via England
*Jordan Radio-TV sacks over 300 employees
*Kurdish clandestine schedules: V. of Iranian Kordestan; V. of the
 Iraqi People; R. Freedom, V. of the Communist Party of Iraqi
*V. of Shariah, Afghanistan, heard in Kazakhstan
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, new English schedule
*AIR Goa found on new frequency in English
*The Media Magazine You Monitor With Your Mind, WOR 1076; your input
 always welcome to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA: or
*V. of Vietnam relays via Canada, Moscow; not South Africa or England
*Herald Broadcasting Syndicate Far East relay schedule via Taiwan,
 three Russian sites
*Our original SW station, WRNO Worldwide, for sale for years, and now
 being sold to Good News World Outreach; will they upgrade?
*United Patriot Radio never came back after Norm Creek; Steve
 Anderson was expelled from Kentucky State Militia for defying
 commander to close it down; see DXLD 1-051
*Colorado Public Radio split into two services April 10, but blocking
 Colorado Symphony
*St. Louis Symphony Orchestra no longer weekly on NPR; but new
 Symphony Cast includes it and others
*AFTRA demands extra fees for union talent appearing in commercials
 webcast in addition to broadcasts; so Clear Channel suspends all its
 webcasts, which are not profitable and reach very few
*WWVB VLF antenna tower damaged, reducing power and radio-controlled
 clock service. See and
*DST in Mexico two months less this year, May-September
*Achtung! Das Deutsches Programm von RFPI, Blickwinkel, ist wieder zu
*HCJB streaming at only two of the DX Partyline times
*R. Panamericana harmonic from Quero, Ecuador?
*RB, for R. Bagua?, Peruvian harmonic; on 5 MHz band, Ondas del Sur-
 oriente, another unID, and R. Cajabamba
*Rare Uruguayans active in morning: R. Sarandi Sport, and R. Sarandi
 del Yi
*Africa Number One, Gabon heard on 19 MHz harmonic
*R. Ecclesia, Angolan opposition station, plans comeback on SW via
 Germany from April 15; see DXLD 1-051
*Specials for World Amateur Radio Day, April 18-19 from South Africa,
 including to North America; special QSL info in DXLD 1-048
*`KBBN`, Papua New Guinea missionary, gets SW frequency assignment
*Alice Springs still on 4 MHz all-night, causing interference all over
 60m band
*Christian Voice, Australia with regular 21 MHz broadcasts, IDs as
 Africa Service; audio problems
*Rough propatation lately, great variations day to day due to very
 high solar activity
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, April 10; major geomagnetic storm
 levels April 11-12; flux range 155-250-165
*Look for auroral activity, blackouts, April 11-12, says NW7US
*Hope you`ve been able to hear me one way or another; Glenn Hauser,
 here, concluding World of Radio 1076                          ###